210/10 (41.5)
214/1 (37.5)
PAK won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Babar Azam
That's it from us, Abhishek and Rajarshi, as we conclude our coverage for the ODI series between Pakistan and Australia. It has been an enthralling experience, packed with excitement. Pakistan next meet the Australians in a one-off T20, set to take place 3 days later at this very venue. To enjoy our coverage of the ongoing IPL game between Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals, please do switch tabs, as we wish you a very warm goodbye!
Pakistan's new ball bowlers ensured that there would be no fireworks from the Australian top-order today, as they ripped out the trio of Travis Head, Aaron Finch and Marnus Labuschagne within the first six overs. Head, who has been in red-hot form this series was undone by an away-swinging, dipping full-toss from Shaheen Shah Afridi first ball of the match, which proceeded to set the tone for the rest of the innings, more or less. Finch's dry run continued as he was trapped in front by Haris Rauf next over, and 
Labuschagne followed four overs later, caught at slip. A counter-attack ensued from the duo of Marcus Stoinis and Ben McDermott, but the two bowlers who were at the heat of it, Zahid Mahmood and Mohammad Wasim Jr, accounted for both of them within three overs. Alex Carey and Cameron Green then joined forces in pursuit of a resurrection of the innings. The duo batted sensibly, ran well between the wickets, and capitalized on the boundary balls well enough. Wasim Jr, got the important breakthrough eventually, skidding one past Green's slog and rattling the stumps. Carey, was dismissed shortly afterwards, and Australia were under threat of being bowled out for a paltry score once again. But it was a strong resistance from Sean Abbott that took them past 200. Abbott, batting with the tail for most of his innings, kept the strike to himself mostly, scored 49 of his own before being the last man out.

Barring Nathan Ellis, none of the Australian bowlers managed to make an impact of any sort throughout the chase. Ellis found some movement off the deck, troubled Fakhar Zaman and then got his wicket via a leading edge. That brought together the batting duo that has been the lynchpin of the Pakistan batting order this series, and it was these two that eventually took Pakistan home. There were dropped catches, misfields, too many loose deliveries from the Australians, which played a major part in pushing Australia away from the game. The duo, as they have done all series, picked the right balls to hit; Imam attacked the leg-spinner, Zampa, while Babar somehow seemed to find gaps in the field unimaginable to many! The Pakistan skipper toyed with the pacers, he also enjoyed a few stray deliveries on his pads, and he made the most of them. The milestones just kept coming, at one stage, it seemed like Imam would get to his hundred first, but then, Babar accelerated after getting to his fifty and turned out to be the only hundred-maker this game. Pakistan eventually emerged winners of the series as Imam finished things off with a hit to the fence off Zampa, and they walk away with valuable ICC ODI Super League points. They still have a long way to go, having placed themselves at 8 in the table with 60 points, but the way they played the last one week, they are set to rise higher and higher up that ladder!
Babar Azam now collects the winners' trophy and walks over to his players. The Pakistan team pose for the cameras, as an enthralling One Day International series comes to a close.
Babar Azam, Pakistan Captain and Player Of The Series: When you lose the first game of the series, the team needs confidence, and the team management and I provided as much confidence as we could. The players stepped up brilliantly in the last two matches, they performed well, took responsibility on themselves, throughout both games they showed great performance in the bowling and batting department. In the first ten overs, when you get the early wickets, the pressure mounts on the opposition. The way our pacers bowled earlier, Haris and Shaheen, they helped us get the wickets early and put pressure on the opposition, the bowlers stuck to their plans all along. I enjoy helping this team make a comeback as captain and batter, I'm not pressurized by that, I try to keep myself as calm as possible, and I try to ensure that that rubs off on the rest of the team and the new members. I try to keep the team easy and absorb the pressure myself, back my team members, and the results are imminent.
Aaron Finch, Australia Captain: We didn't get enough runs. When you go 3 down in the first few overs, it's always hard to get a good total, but I though our guys fought really hard with the ball in hand earlier. We tried different things, but two class players just put on a clinic tonight. We just wanted to keep attacking and be aggressive the whole innings, we figured if we got 200 we're never going to win the game unless everything goes perfectly with the ball, so we try to get above that 260-270 mark. Sometimes you risk losing some wickets, but making that 200 instead of just getting 220-230 anyway. Travis (Head) and Ben (McDermott) played well throughout the series, Nathan Ellis, Sean Abbott, Cameron Green were impressive with the ball, Adam Zampa bowled well throughout the three games, lot of positives and negatives throughout the series, it was just that we were at the receiving end of a couple of great knocks from Babar and Imam. It has been amazing to play here in Pakistan in front of some great fans. They've been very supportive of great cricket, regardless of whether Australia playing well or Pakistan, so, we're very thankful for that.
Imam-ul-Haq: The way boys came back from first match, it was down to the self belief and trust we had in each other. We talked a lot, like this is it, we really need to step up, this is how it is, you cannot perform in every game, but yes, hats off to the boys, the way they stepped up. I'm a more mature player now, have been working hard for the last one and a half years. Thanks to Babar, he's my best friend, we really help each other, I also thank my coaches. Fakhar got out early, and we knew that we are in good form, me and Babar, and we wanted to stay in the crease, knowing that if we stay in the crease, the runs will come. It wasn't a high amount of runs, just 211, so we wanted to stay calm, with good shape and good intent, so we could punish the loose balls. (On his critics) I respect everyone, thankful that they criticize me, but I cannot handle this, the thing which I have changed in myself is that I can control the thing which is in my control, and that is my cricket. I really want to focus on that. Any game you play for Pakistan against any team, you will be criticized.
First ODI home series win against Australia since 1988 for Pakistan! This pair looked set to take their side home all along, and they have just gone on and done that! Imam was itching to finish it off with a six by running down the wicket, he did do so, but didn't quite get the timing and had to settle for four, which ensured that he finished with a total of 298 runs in the 3 matches this series! 298 for him and 276 for his skipper, what a series these two have had! 
37.5 Marnus Labuschagne to Imam Ul Haq, THERE IT IS! Full and around off, Imam skips down the track and clears the long on boundary with a lofted shot to hit the winning runs. Pakistan win an ODI series against Australia in Pakistan for the first time since 1988. 
37.4 Marnus Labuschagne to Imam Ul Haq, length and around off, Imam tucks it to backward square leg. Can Marnus get a maiden?
37.3 Marnus Labuschagne to Imam Ul Haq, length and around off, Imam steers it to backward point. 
37.2 Marnus Labuschagne to Imam Ul Haq, length and angling into off again, Imam comes down the track but can loft it only towards mid on. 
37.1 Marnus Labuschagne to Imam Ul Haq, length and angling into off, Imam skips down the track before replying with a solid defense. 
Scores level. Imam gets to hit the winning runs.
210 /1 score
cricket bat icon Imam ul Haq
85 (95)
cricket bat icon Babar Azam *
105 (115)
cricket ball icon Jason Behrendorff
0 /51
36.6 Jason Behrendorff to Babar Azam, SCORES LEVEL! Length and around middle, Babar tucks it to deep midwicket as the batter hares for a comfortable brace. 
36.5 Jason Behrendorff to Babar Azam, full and outside off, Babar knocks that one to mid off. 
36.4 Jason Behrendorff to Imam Ul Haq, length and outside off, Imam spanks it to deep square leg for a single. 
36.3 Jason Behrendorff to Imam Ul Haq, length and around middle and legs, Imam flicks it to the deep midwicket fielder for a comfortable brace. Babar rightfully denies Imam a third.
36.2 Jason Behrendorff to Imam Ul Haq, length and around middle, Imam defends it solidly on the front foot. 
36.1 Jason Behrendorff to Imam Ul Haq, length and around legs, Imam tucks it to on side before scampering for a brace.