391/10 & 227/3 (60)
268/10 & 235/10 (92.1)
AUS won by 115 runs.
Player of the match: Pat Cummins
After 15 days of exhausting test cricket, Australia finally come out on top and win their first overseas series in 6 years. The Benaud-Qadir trophy goes to the country of Benaud. This will be Raghav alongside Pradeep signing off. This series comes to an end but cricket goes on around the globe as the West Indies vs England test is scheduled to start at 19:30 IST. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for live cricketing action across the globe!
Pat Cummins (Australia Captain): I think in the first innings the way we batted and put ourselves ahead of the game was fantastic. I thought 350 was enough for the fourth innings. It was kind of weird, the trend of the game was to toil hard for the first couple of wickets and when it started to reverse after 40 odd overs then it would be a bowler's game. Too many to name (on who was the important player for the series win) The best thing about this squad is that everyone contributed in some way or the other. Swepson was great on his debut and the numbers do not do any justice to him. It has been a fantastic experience for us in the last 15 days, the hospitality was incredible and the fight put up by Babar and co. made the series even better.
Babar Azam (Pakistan Captain): Definitely this has been a good series. We dominated two tests and today we were dominant too till the soft dismissals. I think our first innings collapse was the biggest factor deciding the result of this match. Our plan was to play normally and if we gained the momentum towards the end, we'd go for the chase. Thankful to Australia for touring us after 24 years, this was a competitive series. 
Usman Khawaja is the Player of the series, amassed 496 runs!

Look, we had a lot of fun, first and foremost, thanks to Pakistan and their fans, everyone being so hospitable, we've had a great time, everyone being very welcoming. I think 350 was something we had in time with four sessions, we knew it'll get harder to score once it starts to reverse, so I was very confident about whether or not Pakistan will block but it was the hardest wicket that I batted on.
Pat Cummins has been awarded the Player of the match for his five-for in the first innings and three scalps in the second, fittingly enough wrapped things up to win the series!
Pakistan all out 235 in 92.1 overs (Imam ul Haq 70 off 199 balls, Nathan Lyon 5 for 83, Pat Cummins 3 for 23) lose by 115 runs against Australia.

Session Summary: Overs:
12.1 | Runs: 45 | Wickets: 5 | Run Rate: 3.7

What a win, what a win for Australia! After 15 days of toiling hard in the heat, they have managed to win this series 1-0. It is their first overseas test series victory since February 2016. The visitors are over the moon as they know this is a big achievement. The fourth innings taboo and the tags of not winning away from home have been washed off with this victory.

The session started off with Australia needing 5 wickets to win in 37 overs while Babar and Sajid were out in the middle for Pakistan. After the second test, one thing was certain: Australia would need to get rid of Babar early to win the test. After a few boundaries initially, Nathan Lyon got rid of the skipper. Starc struck soon and dismissed Sajid Khan. 

The victory was around the corner for Australia with about 30 overs remaining to pick the final three wickets. Pakistan's vulnerable tail collapsed yet again as Hasan and Shaheen gave away their wickets to Lyon while trying to take on the spinner. Pat Cummins brought himself into the attack and it took him only one delivery to get rid of Naseem Shah. It was very fitting that the Australian skipper bagged the last scalp to deliver this historic series win for his country. 
92.1 Pat Cummins to Naseem Shah, OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! STUMPS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE! Australia win the series, 1-0! After 24 years and 15 days, Australia win a game in Pakistan. That kept low, back of a length on the middle and off, Naseem fails to get behind it to defend, goes through and makes a mess of those stumps in the end.

Naseem Shah b Pat Cummins 1 (7b 0x4 0x6)
Pat Cummins [15.0-6-23-2] is back into the attack
Nauman Ali fails to retain the strike and now Naseem could have to face an entire over here. Should Cummins bring himself into the attack or maybe even give an over to Starc to knock him over?
235 /9 score
cricket bat icon Nauman Ali *
1 (20)
cricket bat icon Naseem Shah
1 (6)
cricket ball icon Nathan Lyon
5 /83
91.6 Nathan Lyon to Nauman Ali, short on the leg-stump, Nauman on the backfoot looking to turn that one away to pick up the single but hits it straight to short-leg.
91.5 Nathan Lyon to Nauman Ali, drop it short on the leg-stump, turning away as Nauman on the backfoot drops it right in front of him.
91.4 Nathan Lyon to Nauman Ali, OH! Good length on the leg-stump line, Nauman presses forward to defend but takes the inside edge towards backward square-leg for no run.
91.3 Nathan Lyon to Naseem Shah, OH DEAR! Flies just wide of Smith who dives to his right, goes low but doesn't get it. Length delivery on the off-stump, Naseem looking to smother but gets a thick outside edge, single taken!
91.2 Nathan Lyon to Naseem Shah, OH! HUGE SHOUT FOR LBW AND TURNED DOWN! Vicious turn into Naseem who goes on the backfoot and misses to get bat, raps him on the pad but replays showing that there was an inside edge!
91.1 Nathan Lyon to Naseem Shah, drops it short and skids into Naseem on the off-stump, stays back and defends it into the off-side.
A leg spinner is the easiest way to lure the tail-enders to go for big shots. It seems like a good move to bring Swepson now, he can flight the delivery well and easily tempt the batter to go for a big shot.
234 /9 score
cricket bat icon Nauman Ali *
1 (17)
cricket bat icon Naseem Shah
0 (3)
cricket ball icon Mitchell Swepson
0 /36
90.6 Mitchell Swepson to Nauman Ali, length delivery on the fourth stump, Nauman presses forward to knock it straight back to the bowler.