187/4 (20)
176/6 (20)
PBKS won by 11 runs.
Player of the match: Shikhar Dhawan
Rightio, what a contest we have been treated to! Absolute humdinger and the momentum kept changing hands. In the end, it was the Punjab Kings who held their nerves and got a much-needed win under their belt. We certainly have gotten rid of our Monday blues and hope you have too! We have big contests lined-up this week and be sure to catch all the live coverage right here on Sportskeeda. Join us back tomorrow as we have a high-octane clash, with the Royal Challengers Bangalore taking on the Rajasthan Royals! Until tomorrow then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, alongside Pratyush Rohra, signing off! Adios!
Shikhar Dhawan (Man of the Match): The process, I always talk about my process and I focus on that a lot - on my fitness and my approach towards the game and I know the result will take care of itself. The wicket was stopping a bit and I gave myself some time. I tried to go for the big shots but I couldn't connect. I kept my calm and once I get set, I can get the boundaries. I know my strength and that's what I bank on. While batting first, we have to put pressure on the bowlers and get the boundaries. We don't have to lose too many wickets in a bunch. At the same time, not going in a shell. Play with presence of mind and smartness as well. I have become senior and I don't feel like it (laughs). I give a lot of inputs to the players and my captain as well. The youngsters overthink and are harsh on themselves so I was trying to communicate that, how to use the Law of Attraction to achieve big in life. 
Mayank Agarwal (Punjab Kings captain): (On winning the toss) It does not matter but we would like to win tosses. We have won just one in these many games. So it's hard when you have to keep chasing the game form the start. (On turning point) I thought Arsh bowled very well, I must credit him. He has put his hand up and delivered. Even Rabada was fantastic, to get Ruturaj and Rayudu at that time. (On the field dimensions) As a captain, you have to think about being smart and use the longer side of the boundary. You want the opposition to hit maximum runs on the longer side of the as there is a higher chance of them getting out. As a better, you just have to be smart and pick the balls you want to hit. Even if you mishit, you'll get the result with the short boundary. It's been a great learning experience (as captain). You get to learn a lot about yourself. We have won one game but we need to win two or three more in a row. 
Kagiso Rabada (Punjab Kings): In the powerplay, we were a bit behind the rate. I must commend Shikhar and Mayank, the way they held their nerve and then the way Shikhar and Bhanu played was unbelievable. They set the platform for our batters to come in and play freely. Liam Livingstone came in and hit a few gentle strokes (laughs) out of the park and that set up us nicely. That set us up nicely for a winning total. Each and every individual in our bowling unit put their hands up. (On the roles) Arsh (Arshdeep) has been the best death bowler in this comp, that's what the stats say. He's a youngster coming in, has got a lot of drive, a lot of ambition as well. And he's just a good bloke, so, it's nice to have him around. I always bowl at the death as well, so I know that but Arsh has been magnificent. he's been leading the way in that discipline. Everyone else knows their roles. The spinners bowl when they have to. Rahul is a key spinner for us, Sandeep has a lot of experience and he's come in today and got a wicket in the powerplay. And Rishi, coming back and bowling that final over. He put his hand up. I don't know if I've left anyone out. It's still a bit nerve-wracking when you're bowling at MS Dhoni and there's not one red shirt in the crowd, only yellow shirts chanting his name but he held his nerve and came out on top. Huge credit to him (Rishi).
Ravindra Jadeja (Chennai Super Kings captain): We started off very well. We bowled in good areas with the new ball but we gave away 10-15 runs in the last two overs and didn't execute our plans very well. He (Rayudu) was batting brilliantly. He played a sensational knock. We could have restricted them under 170-175, that would have been good. (On what's lacking) We're not getting good starts in the first six overs. That's where we are lacking. Hopefully, we can improve on that and come back stronger.
Chennai Super Kings 176/6 (20) lose to Punjab Kings by 11 runs

Ambati Rayudu 78(39) | Ruturaj Gaikwad 30(27) | Ravindra Jadeja 21*(16)
Kagiso Rabada 2-38(4) | Rishi Dhawan 2-39(4) | Arshdeep Singh 1-23(4)

Punjab have survived a massive scare tonight and they will feel lucky to emerge on top in what has been an absolute edge-of-the-seat thriller at the Wankhede! Chasing 188 runs, the Super Kings could not get off to the best of starts as Robin Uthappa and Mitchell Santner departed inside the powerplay itself. The Super Kings' innings was trudging along and they needed someone to step up and score big for them.

After Shivam Dube was sent packing by 'mask-man' Rishi Dhawan, it was Ambati Rayudu who arrived at the crease and played a gem of a knock which gave the Super Kings hope out of nowhere. A 39-ball 78 effort from Rayudu and he was striking the ball as clean as ever. However, he ran out of energy and in the end, perished while playing a poor shot. MSD and Ravindra Jadeja joined hands but the former could not finish off the game like he had on the previous occasion against Mumbai Indians as 27 runs ended up being a tad too many in the end. 

Kagiso Rabada and Arshdeep Singh were the stars with the ball and it was the latter that delivered a quality spell which has gone a long way in helping the Kings defend this total. Rishi Dhawan was amongst the wickets on his return to the IPL and kept his calm in the final over to defend 27 runs after getting carted for a massive maximum off the first delivery. In the end, it has been quite a comprehensive performance from the Punjab outfit and they emerge on top in this battle of the Kings. As for CSK, they have been hit with another defeat just when things were starting to look up for them. They will now need to treat all their remaining games as do-or-die encounters. Punjab Kings leap up to the sixth position and might just be back on track in the race for the playoffs. 
176 /6 score
cricket bat icon Ravindra Jadeja *
21 (16)
cricket bat icon Dwaine Pretorius
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Rishi Dhawan
2 /39
19.6 Rishi Dhawan to Ravindra Jadeja, PUNJAB KINGS WIN A THRILLER! Dhawan executes the full and wide yorker again, driven down to long-off to end the game with a single. A commendable effort from him to hold his nerve in the end. That was a nail-biting contest that went down to the wire again and it's the Kings of Punjab that have come out on top in the battle between the Kings. Punjab Kings win by 11 runs.
19.5 Rishi Dhawan to Ravindra Jadeja, SIX! Jadeja clears the ropes but it doesn't matter now. Unless you're looking at your fantasy points and net run rates, of course. Full toss on the off-stump line, Jadeja sets up by clearing his front leg and pummeling this over long-on to clear the ropes.
19.4 Rishi Dhawan to Dwaine Pretorius, nails the slower yorker angling into the new man, Pretorius can only flick it to deep mid-wicket and get to the other end
Dwaine Pretorius, RHB, is the new batter at the crease
19.3 Rishi Dhawan to MS Dhoni, DHONI HOLES OUT! Dhawan holds his nerve! Oh my. Hasn't Rishi Dhawan got away with one. Full and down the leg side, would have been a wide if the great man had left it but he wanted to dispatch this over the fine leg ropes as he tried to help it on its way. He's got it all wrong though, off the toe-end to pick out Bairstow at deep mid-wicket, who makes no mistake.
MS Dhoni c Jonny Bairstow b Rishi Dhawan 12(8) [4s-1 6s-1]
19.2 Rishi Dhawan to MS Dhoni, good comeback! Holds his nerve to execute the yorker on middle and leg, jammed out back to the bowler by Dhoni, dot ball
19.2 Rishi Dhawan to MS Dhoni, wide. The idea was right but he's a bit unlucky there. Slower bouncer outside the off-stump but it's over head-height. Dhawan just needs to keep his cool here.
21 runs in 5 deliveries now! 
19.1 Rishi Dhawan to MS Dhoni, SIX! No, Rishi, no! You cannot bowl there. You give this man a sniff and he will pounce on it. Pressure on the bowler now. Rubbish short delivery down the leg side, sits up nicely for Dhoni as he swivel pulls this to send the ball sailing over the deep backward square leg fence
Rishi Dhawan [3-0-24-1] is back to bowl the final over

Arshdeep has been outstanding in his spell tonight and has given away absolutely nothing to the batters. Powerplay, middle and death overs, Arshdeep has delivered and played his role to perfection! He has done his job, one would reckon.
CSK need 27 in 6 deliveries. With MSD at the crease, CSK fans will not give up hope. He finished the game on Thursday with 17 runs required, can he do with 27 runs needed? 
161 /5 score
cricket bat icon Ravindra Jadeja
14 (14)
cricket bat icon MS Dhoni *
6 (5)
cricket ball icon Arshdeep Singh
1 /23
18.6 Arshdeep Singh to MS Dhoni, it was in the slot outside off but Dhoni couldn't quite get underneath it. He manages to shovel it to long-off for just one. You're happy with that if you're the Punjab Kings. 27 needed in the last over. Who will bowl it?
18.5 Arshdeep Singh to MS Dhoni, FOUR! Are we in store for an MSD special again? Arshdeep misses his yorker and dishes out a low full toss, Dhoni stays deep in his crease to drill this wide of long-off, who had no chance to cut that one off!