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WWE Elimination Chamber Live Results (February 18, 2023): Brock Lesnar SNAPS and attacks a referee, Kevin Owens returns and attacks The Bloodline

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 19, 2023 04:36 GMT

Find out what happened live on WWE Elimination Chamber 2023.


04:21 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

04:19 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

04:17 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

04:16 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

We'll leave you with these videos from our YouTube channel.

04:16 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Thanks for checking out our live coverage of WWE Elimination Chamber! What a show, what a finish to the show despite the disappointment that Sami didn't manage to get the win. Join us again on Monday night as we check out the fallout on WWE RAW.

04:13 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

04:13 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

KO now steps aside as Sami Zayn hits Roman Reigns with another Helluva Kick.

04:12 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

KO grabs a steel chair and enters the ring. Paul Heyman tries to attack KO from behind. KO hits Heyman with a Stunner.

04:11 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Roman hits both Roman and Jimmy Uso with Stunners. He follows it up with a pop-up powerbomb to Jimmy Uso through the announcer's table.

04:10 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Jimmy Uso is back in the ring and Roman tells him to go after Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens' music hits. 

04:09 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Roman cuts Sami down with a Spear...... and a referee is back up and in the ring. 1-2-3. Sami can't kick out this time. What a performance from Sami Zayn, what a match.

Roman Reigns def. Sami Zayn

04:08 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

04:08 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

What will Jey do? Roman takes the chair back and slaps Jey. Sami spears Jey by mistake and Roman is DESTROYING Sami with a steel chair!

04:07 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

It's Jey Uso. Roman hands him the chair!

04:06 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Paul Heyman reaches under the ring and grabs a steel chair. The Wise Man hands it to Reigns. There's no official out there to stop him. IT'S JEY USO!!!!

04:05 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Both men are down. No offical out!

04:05 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Roman is trash talking Sami again. He's saying he was trying to help Sami all along. The fans boo as Roman slaps Sami. Sami slaps the champ back. Roman takes the second official out! Roman hits back with a Superman Punch!

04:04 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

04:04 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

04:03 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Sami almost knocks the second official out by mistake. He knocks Jimmy Uso out with a Helluva Kick. Roman cuts Sami down with a Spear!!! Sami KICKS OUT!!!

04:02 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Sami still has fight left in him as he trades right hands with the Tribal Chief.

04:02 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

04:01 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Jimmy Uso is out! He destroys Sami and places Roman on top of him. Another official is out but Sami kicks out.

04:00 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

The referee is out! Sami hits a Helluva Kick! No..No!! The official is down!

04:00 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

03:59 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Sami is looking for a second Helluva Kick but Roman rolls out of the ring. Sami rolls out and charges at Reigns but the Tribal Chief catches him with a right hand. Roman charges at Sami... Sami sidesteps him and Roman crashes through a barricade. He rolls Roman back in the ring and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall!

03:57 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Sami hits another Exploder! Sami sets up his own Superman Punch and hits it! He follows it with a Helluva Kick! What a close count! That was a millisecond away from 3!

03:56 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Roman is setting up the Spear but Sami sidesteps him. Roman crashes into the corner! Sami with the rollup...nearfall!

03:56 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

03:55 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Roman has taken back control of the match now. The fans are getting a bit restless. Roman locks up the Superman Punch biut Sami reverses it into an Exploder into the corner. He goes for the Helluva Kick but Roman hits a Superman Punch. 1-2..nearfall!

03:53 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

03:53 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Sami and Roman are perched on the top rope. Sami with a series of rights and lefts and he hits a sunset flip powerbomb for a nearfalll!

03:51 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Sami leapfrogs Roman and takes him down with a clothesline. He builds some momentum with a series of right hands followed by a running clothesline. Sami sends Roman crashing over the top rope again.

03:50 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Sami is down at ringside near his wife. Roman trash talks Sami in front of her before dragging him back into the ring.

03:48 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Reigns has taken back control of the match. He's shouting at Sami's wife at ringside as he clotheslines Sami in the corner.

03:46 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Roman hits a Drive By out at ringside and rolls Sami back inside the ring. The fans chant "Let's go Sami" and get behind the hometown hero.

03:44 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Back in the ring, Sami unloads on Roman in the corner with a series of punches. Sami now hits an elbow strike off the middle rope and a quick cover for a one count.

03:44 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

03:43 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Roman takes Sami down with an elbow strike to the face.  Reigns locks in a headlock once again but Sami powers out. He sends Roman crashing over the top rope. Sami picks up speed and dives over the top rope, wiping out Roman.

03:42 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

03:41 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Roman and Sami finally lock up. Roman outpowers Sami and gets him in a headlock. The Tribal Chief takes Sami down with a shoulder tackle and is showered by boos as he shushes the fans in the arena.

03:40 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

The atmosphere inside the arena is incredible. Roman and Sami are yet to lock up.

03:37 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

03:37 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Roman looks unfazed by the hostile atmosphere from the fans in Montreal. Both men stare each other down. Roman's gaze is ice-cold.

03:36 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Roman Reigns (C) vs Sami Zayn [for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship]

Sami Zayn's family are at ringside as well as 17,000 of his countrymen. Can Sami Zayn take down the Tribal Chief tonight?
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