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WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results: NXT 2.0 Updates & Highlights (19th October 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 20, 2021 02:26 GMT

Can Ciampa and Breakker coexist?


02:06 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Full Results fro NXT 2.0 October 19th, 2021.
Odyssey Jones defeats Andre Chase by pin.
Imperium defeats the Creeds by pin.
Cora Jade defeats Elektra Lopez by pin.
Io Shirai defeats Jacy Jayne and Persia Pirotta by pin.
Tony D'Angelo defeats Ru Feng by pin.
Legado Del Fantasma defeats Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs by pin.
Tommaso Ciampa/Bron Breakker defeat GYV by pin.

02:04 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

02:00 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

After the match, Ciampa is leaving the ring. He turns around and heads back into it for the showdown with Breakker before Halloween Havoc.

01:59 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Ciampa goes to tag Breakker in but he was off the apron to stop Gibson from impeding another tag. Ciampa is angry with him and slaps him in the face as a tag. Breakker locks in the move formerly known as the Steiner Recliner before Gibson breaks it up with a kick to the face. Breakker shrugs it off and kicks Gibson out of the ring. Breakker hits the Gorilla Press into a power slam for the win.
Result - Tommaso Ciampa/Bron Breakker defeat GYV by pin.

01:56 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Gibson tags in and it's a battle of the baldies. He maintains control until Drake tags in. GYV uses a lot of hot tags to keep control of Ciampa. Drake locks in a submission but Ciampa attempts to fight out of it. Drake grabs his beard to stop him. 

01:54 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Drake and Ciampa are in the ring back from the commercial. Ciampa lands a back body drop on Drake before he can go for the tag. Gibson runs over the opposite corner to knock Breakker off the apron. Ciampa can't tag him in.

01:50 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Breakker ragdolls James Drake early on, using his size to take control. He lands a power slam before Ciampa looks for the tag. Breakker denies it but the Champ tags himself in. Gibson tags in and Ciampa lands his clotheslines to the corner on both members of GYV. He then lands a knee in the corner before heading off to commercial.

01:47 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Time for the main event as Tommy Ciamps and Bron Breakker take on Grizzled Young Veterans. Saying GYV and not the GYV is like saying iPhone instead of THE iPhone.

01:44 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Another quick vignette for the mystery person airs. The person looks like a woman, and the person throws a crutch and some other things into a grave.

01:43 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

01:39 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

01:38 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Waller goes for a move off the middle rope but stumbles a bit. Knight takes advantage by landing his finisher for the win. A clean win for a guy who deserves more wins.
Result - LA Knight defeats Grayson Waller by pin, will host Halloween Havoc.

01:37 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Waller toses Knight over the top rope but he holds on. He lands a slingshot shoulder block before locking in a headlock. Nerd alert here - every time I type Waller I think of Amanda Waller from the DC Universe and Suicide Squad.

01:36 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Grayson Waller takes on LA Knight for the right to host Halloween Havoc. Waller almost gets a quick pin right off the bat. He gets several more near falls.

01:30 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

A brief video package hyping the NXT Women's title match next week airs. Mandy Rose says she has been called hot, jaw-dropping, and the like, but after Halloween Havoc, she'll be called Champion. Gonzo says she's been in the gym training all the time while Mandy has been changing her hair color.

01:26 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Escobar interferes when the ref's back is turned. Legado maintains control for most of the early goings-on. They land a double suplex for a near fall. Jensen tags in off the hot tag and lands a lot of offense on Wilde. He hits a power slam but Escobar distracts him. Jensen rolls out of the ring and decks Escobar. He rolls back into the ring and Wilde and Mendoza finish him off for the win.
Result - Legado Del Fantasma defeats Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs by pin.

01:21 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

It looks like Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs were going to have a match with Wilde/Mendoza of Legado. Legado attacked the big goofs before the match. Back from the break and the match is on.

01:17 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

01:15 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

D'Angelo is interviewed post-match about the disappearance of Mark, the produce of Lash Legend's "show" last week. He still claims to know nothin about nuthin. Honestly, he should have "kidnapped" the whole Lashing Out show instead.

01:14 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Tony D'Angelo takes on Ru Feng next. While he has Feng down, Tony says this is like beating on his little brother Tommy. Ru lands two strong forearms to the mush of D'Angelo. Tony then hits his Fishermen buster move for the quick win.
Result - Tony D'Angelo defeats Ru Feng by pin.

01:11 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Ikemen Jiro surprises Kudshida in the bathroom while he's peeing. Kushida says he wants to be style strong like Ikemen but Ikemen literally dumps Kushida's bag on the floor and pulls out his vest. Hilarious.

01:05 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

During the women's match, apparently, Legado beat up Trey Baxter cuz he's Cora Jade's boyfriend. Brooks and Briggs came to his aid.

01:03 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Io spins the wheel and lands on Scareway to Hell ladder match.

01:02 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Pirotta stands up with Io in tow but Io lands a German suplex. She hits her moonsault for the win.
Io Shirai defeats Jacy Jayne and Persia Pirotta by pin.

01:01 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Io fights back and goes for a hurricanrana but Persia stops it by landing a sit-out powerbomb. Io counters with a 619 and a springboard dropkick for a near fall. She locks in a crossface in the middle of the ring. 

00:58 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

That leaves Pirotta and Io and Pirotta grabs control from Io. She hits a snap suplex and goes for another but Io counters for a pin. It doesn't work as Persia levels her with a clothesline. 

00:57 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

We return from the break and that move took Jayne out of the match. She was checked on by medical during the commercial.

00:56 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

00:55 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

00:54 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

00:53 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Io and Jayne team up against Pirotta but she double suplexes them. She then puts Jayne on her shoulders but Io kicks her down. Persia catches Io and slams her. She goes for a move against the ropes but Io tosses her through them. Jayne attempts a suicide dive but her feet get caught on the ropes. It looks bad. Shirai then hits a moonsault before we head off to the break.

00:51 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Jayne sidesteps Pirotta to slap Io in the face. Io knocks her over and then Pirotta uses her size to take over briefly. Jayne lands a hurricanrana on Pirotta and then Io hits her as well.

00:50 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Up next is the triple threat match for the women's tag match at Halloween Havoc. It will be Io Shirai vs. Persia Pirotta vs. Jacy Jayne.

00:45 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

00:44 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Lopez slams Jade a few times. She goes for another move but Jade almost gets a roll-up. Lopez lands another strike but Jade counters and gets a roll-up win.
Result - Cora Jade defeats Elektra Lopez by pin.

00:41 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

We get a quick vignette from Joe Gacy where his partnership with Harland is furthered. Legado del Fantasma addresses Carmelo Hayes. Before Lopez can talk, Cora Jade storms out with her skateboard in hand.

00:36 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

00:34 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

We get a video package for Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner. Wagner shows KOR some woodsman training sets that lead to beers at midnight. The duo is getting on the same page.

00:32 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

00:32 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

As Barthel and Aichner pose in the ring, MSK pays them back for the sneak attack from a few weeks ago. Once again, the crowd boos MSK for existing.

00:31 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Barthel goes for a move off the top but Julius catches him. He hits a powerbomb. Ikemen Jiro and Kushida show up to distract the Mine which leads to a roll-up pin for Barthel.
Result - Imperium defeats the Creeds by pin.

00:30 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Barthel goes to the top for a move but Roddy interferes by grabbing his leg. That allows Julius to get control. They execute a couple of Firemen's Carry drops for a near fall. Barthel gets a roll-up for another quick pin. It allows him to tag in Fabian. Fabian goes for a cover but big Creed breaks it up.

00:26 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

The Creeds try to use their size to keep Imperium down but Barthel and Aichner use experience. Brutus mocks the Imperium stance and then gets kicked a few times for it.

00:25 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Imperium doesn't even get a televised entrance. That bodes well for the deserving veterans.

00:24 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

00:19 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Bivens says that the Creed Brothers have "earned" their tag title opportunity. I guess beating a bunch of guys not on the roster does that.

00:19 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Chase lands a few stomps and a short DDT and gets barely a count after a pin attempt. Jones blocks a right from Chase and knocks him over a few times. Jones continues the dominance and picks up the win with a short splash.
Result - Odyssey Jones defeats Andre Chase by pin.

00:16 (GMT)20 OCT 2021

Chase goes for a shoulder block off the ropes but Jones knocks him down without moving much.
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