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WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Live Results: Halloween Havoc Updates & Highlights (26th October 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 27, 2021 02:33 GMT

Will Bron Breakker dethrone Ciampa?


02:08 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Thanks for following along with us for Halloween Havoc. Some good action and title changes. See ya next week!!  This is Matt Serocki, signing off.

02:06 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

02:05 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Full Results for NXT 2.0 Halloween Havoc, October 26th, 2021.
Toxic Attraction defeats Zoey Stark/Io Shirai and Persia Pirotta/Indi Hartwell by retrieving titles from a ladder.
Joe Gacy defeats Malik Blade by pin.
Roderick Strong defeats Odyssey Jones by pin.
Mandy Rose defeats Raquel Gonzalez by pin to become the new NXT Women's Champion.
Imperium defeats MSK by pin to become new NXT Tag Team Champs.
Tommaso Ciampa defeats Bron Breakker by pin.

02:01 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

02:00 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

The action spills out of the ring. After a few counters, Ciampa hits a DDT on the challenger on the exposed concrete. Ciampa goes for the Fairytale Ending but Breakker kicks out. Ciampa lands three knees and a second Fairytale Ending for the win. Wow.
Result - Tommaso Ciampa defeats Bron Breakker by pin.

01:57 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Ciampa goes out of the ring but Breakker pursues and tosses him back into it. Ciampa hits Willow's Bell for a near fall. Ciampa decks the challenger in the face, but he barks. Ciampa then hits a flying knee and he falls. Breakker kicks out of the pin and lands a Hurricanrana for a near fall. Breakker hoists the Champ for his finisher but both men fall to the mat.

01:54 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Breakker jumps back into control, landing several moves, including a belly-to-belly suplex. He goes to the top rope and trips off of it.

01:52 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Back from the break and Ciampa kicks Breakker in the corner. He lands a knee to the mush before climbing to the top rope to hit a jumping double axe handle for two.

01:51 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

01:48 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Main event time! Breakker knocks Ciampy out of the ring early on. He hits a shoulder block and some mat throws. He goes for another flying shoulder block but Ciampa ducks. 

01:44 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

01:38 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

01:38 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

MSK goes for its other finisher but it's broken up. Imperium hits a brainbuster and then their finisher to win the titles again.
Result - Imperium defeats MSK by pin to become new NXT Tag Team Champions.

01:37 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Both teams roll back into the ring. After some moves, Lee hits a tornado DDT on Aichner. Barthel hits a flying Euro uppercut on Lee but then Carter hits a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope on Barthel. They hit their finisher push moonsault but only for two.

01:35 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Lee hits a flipping kick for a near fall but everything breaks down after that. Full-grown Man Baby Fabian Aichner lifts MSK on his shoulders and drops them both. He tags in Barthel but Carter flips him out of the ring. Lee runs from corner to corner and flips onto the entire field of lumberjacks. Carter attempts a move onto the pile with a neck breaker to Barthel, but the crowd doesn't catch him. Ouch.

01:32 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Barthel has control over Nash Carter back from the break. Carter hits a jumping knee as Barthel comes off the middle turnbuckle. He tags in Lee off the hot tag.

01:29 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

01:28 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Lots of back and forth. Wes Lee kicks Barthel, sending him over the rope. Everything breaks down as the lumberjacks attack. MSK land stereo suicide dives as we head to the commercial break.

01:26 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Small thing - Nash Carter rolled to try and get out of an armlock but Marcel Barthel rolled with him. Nothing huge, just a small detail that makes it seem cooler to m.

01:24 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

A fan gets to spin the wheel and it lands on the Lumberjack O'Lantern match. Love how they immediately have the rules for the match ready to go. . . .

01:22 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

01:17 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Waller is back in the ring shilling his social media. LA Knight cuts him off, also dressed the same as Waller. Waller says he saved the show because no one knew he had car problems. Knight asks how he knows that he had car troubles, but Solo Sikoa walks out. Knight pushes Waller into Sikoa's path and he tosses him out of the ring.

01:15 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

01:14 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

01:14 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Williams and Melo run off with the title. Gargs says that Dexter's house is weird and that they'll do it at his place next year.

01:13 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Back to the Haunted House! Melo and Williams keep encountering several weirdos, like a witch, a pumpkin head, and of all people, Andre Chase. He says he brought his students to the house for some lessons but can't find them. He teams up with TrickMelo. Zombies pull Chase and Melo away while Lumis scares Williams off. Melo grabs Williams by the shoulder but he decks him cuz he didn't know who grabbed him. They find the title but Trick says it's never this easy.

01:07 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

01:04 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

The hooded person is shown to be Dakota Kai, as expected. 

01:02 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Rose goes for a move but the Champ powers out. She drives Rose through a table set up in the ring. Gonzo gets a near fall. As Gonzo waits by the ropes, a hooded figure shows up and blasts Gonzalez with a shovel. Rose hits another flying knee and gets the pin.
Result - Mandy Rose defeats Raquel Gonzalez by pin to become the new NXT Women's Champion.

01:00 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Rose escapes the ring but gets dropped by a big boot. Gonzalez sets the steel steps onto the ring apron. Both women get back into the ring and Rose throws Gonzo into the steps head first. She gets a near fall. Rose lands a few strikes and another flying knee for a near fall.

00:58 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Rose looks for weapons under the ring but Gonzalez blasts her with a fire extinguisher from atop the announce table. She hoists Rose onto her shoulders and tosses Mandy back into the ring. The Champ drops Rose onto several chairs set up in the corner. Two count.

00:57 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

As we return from the break, Gonzo pulls Rose out of the ring and hits her with a Kendo stick. Rose gets up and locks Gonzo in a chair with wheels. She lands her flying knee and tries to pin Raquel, but the ref says the pinfall needs to be in the ring.

00:52 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

The two head outside of the ring after some early dominance from the Champ. Mandy hits Gonzo with a Kendo stick several times. Gonzo throws Rose into the ringside barricade before looking for another weapon. Rose fights back but so does Gonzo. She pushes Rosse into the ring post but Rose moves and pulls the Champ into it instead.

00:50 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Raquel Gonzalez shows up at the arena on a motorcycle for some reason. The wheel spins and lands on Chucky's Choice. He picks a Trick or Street Fight, which is essentially a No DQ match. That covers if Gonzo drops the title.

00:48 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Quick tidbits - Lash Legend agrees to have Tony D'Angelo on her show next week, Von Wagner is dressed normally but says he's "Brad Pitt", and Robert Stone angers Xyon Quinn and is chokeslammed through a table for it.

00:44 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

00:42 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Imperium cuts a promo in their native tongues saying that tonight is their night against MSK. Up next is Mandy Rose vs. Raquel Gonzalez. Since this is the next women's match, perhaps that mystery woman will show up at some point?

00:39 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Jones gets out of it by kicking Roddy. It sends him out of the ring but he comes back in. Jones hits a shoulder breaker. The Creeds get on the apron to distract Jones. Jones throws one out and Roddy Lands a jumping knee.
Result - Roddy Strong defeats Odyssey Jones by pin.

00:37 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Jones bullies Strong early on. Roddy takes the big man down with a sleeper hold and then armbar.

00:35 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Odyssey Jones comes up out and says he wants Roderick Strong. Malcolm says "I mean this with the utmost disrespect - your a** ain't 205 lbs."

00:33 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

00:30 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Malcolm Bivens comes out and lays out an open challenge for someone to challenge anyone in the Mine.

00:29 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

A brief promo for Kay Lee Ray airs. She says she's pissed that she hasn't received any respect in NXT 2.0. We then go back to the Halloween Party thrown by Waller. Waller talks to Ikemen Jiro and Kushida. Waller runs into everyone from Franky Monet to Tony D'Angelo. Waller tries to talk up some ladies but Cameron Grimes comes in and kills the mood.

00:27 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

Gacy tosses Blade out of the ring and Harland shows up and grabs Blade by the throat. Gacy calms him down and lands his handstand into a clothesline for the victory.
Result - Joe Gacy defeats Malik Blade by pin.

00:26 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

We miss ya Shotzi!!!

00:25 (GMT)27 OCT 2021

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