NXT Halloween Havoc Results: New Champions crowned; Returning Superstar interferes in Title Match

Solo Sikoa made his NXT debut at Halloween Havoc while a returning star cost Gonzalez her title
Solo Sikoa made his NXT debut at Halloween Havoc while a returning star cost Gonzalez her title

NXT Halloween Havoc kicked off with the Scareway to Hell match for the NXT Women's Tag Team Championships. Later in the night, Bron Breakker was set to face Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Championship, among other matches.

Io Shirai & Zoey Stark (c) vs. Toxic Attraction vs. Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta - Scareway to Hell match for the Women's Tag Team titles at NXT Halloween Havoc

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Shirai and Stark dominated early before Dolin and Jayne took them out and sent the Champions outside the ring. Pirotta and Hartwell took Dolin and Jayne out with a ladder and started the climb before the Champs came back and dropped them.

Jayne and Dolin were back in control after stopping Shirai and Stark from climbing to the top. Io hit a double DDT off a counter on Indi and Persia on the outside. Shirai went up the ladder, but Hartwell met her up there and dropped her at Halloween Havoc.

Stark went up after Indi and Pirotta put up a ladder next to theirs, and Dolin joined them on the top. Stark was dropped from the ladder but managed to hit a dive on the way down!

Pirotta was left alone in the ring, and she nearly grabbed the titles, but Jayne dragged her down before she could unhook them. Jayne took her out before Io came up and dropped her on a ladder and followed it up with a moonsault.

Stark took a Spinebuster on the ladder from Indi. Hartwell then dropped Io from the top onto another ladder outside. Indi and Jayne were fighting on the ladder when Dolin took Hartwell out and retrieved the Championships at Halloween Havoc!

Result: Toxic Attraction won the Scareway to Hell match to become the new Women's Tag Team Champions!

Grade: A

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes showed up at Lumis' mansion to retrieve the NXT North American Title as Halloween Havoc continued. Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis were hiding in the back and had set traps all over the space, with some help from Zombie Referee.

Grayson Waller was hosting the show and talked about how beautiful the women were looking tonight before Joe Gacy came out to correct him. He said Waller's mind was corrupted before heading for his match with Malik Blade.

Joe Gacy vs. Malik Blade at NXT Halloween Havoc

Blade attacked Gacy with a dropkick before the bell rang. But once the match got underway, Gacy had control of proceedings. Gacy sent Blade outside the ring before Harland walked out and caught Malik by the throat.

Gacy got in Harland's way and calmed him down, making him let go of Blade. Back in the ring, Gacy hit a huge Handstand Lariat before picking up the win.

Result: Joe Gacy def. Malik Blade

Grade: C

Ikemen Jiro was trying to understand how Halloween works as Grayson joined the party. Cameron Grimes came in with a cheesy pickup line and drove the ladies away before we headed to the ring on Halloween Havoc.

Diamond Mine were out next at NXT Halloween Havoc and laid out an open challenge and Odyssey Jones came to face Roderick Strong.

Odyssey Jones vs. Roderick Strong at NXT Halloween Havoc

Jones was dominating the match early on and was tossing Strong around the ring before Roddy managed to lock in a Sleeper hold. Strong followed up with a big boot and took Jones to the mat, trying to keep Jones from overpowering him.

Strong got an Anklelock but Jones powered through and hit a massive powerslam/shoulder breaker combo. The Creed Brothers interfered and Jones took one of them off the apron before Roddy hit a jumping knee and picked up the win.

Result: Roderick Strong def. Odyssey Jones

Grade: B

The party was still going on backstage and Lash Legend agreed to have Tony D'Angelo on her show before Xyonn Quinn Chokeslammed Robert Stone though a table.

Raquel Gonzalez showed up in a motorbike at Halloween Havoc before the wheel was spun and it was Chucky's choice. Chucky picked a Trick or Street Fight before we headed back to the ring.

Raquel Gonzalez (c) vs. Mandy Rose - NXT Women's Title match at Halloween Havoc

Rose unloaded on the champ as the bell rang at NXT Halloween Havoc and Gonzalez sent her outside and attacked her with a Kendo Stick. Rose sent Gonzalez into the ring post off a counter and attacked Big Mami Cool with the Kendo Stick before we headed for a break.

Back on NXT Halloween Havoc, Rose locked Gonzalez in one of the announcer's chairs with the Kendo Stick and kicked her down before unloading on the Champ with the Kendo Stick.

Rose got a steel chair out before the champ sprayed her with a fire extinguisher and sent her back into the ring. There was a chair on the turnbuckles in the corner, on top of which Gonzalez dropped Rose.

Raquel took the steel ring steps into the ring but Mandy sent her into it for a near fall. Rose was speared through a table in the ring before a hooded figure appeared and hit Raquel with a shovel from behind, letting Mandy hit the Running Knee Strike for the win!

Result: Mandy Rose def. Raquel Gonzalez to become the new NXT Women's Champion

After the match, the hooded figure stepped in the ring and unmasked herself. It was the returning Dakota Kai.

Grade: A-

Trick and Melo's Halloween Adventure at NXT Halloween Havoc

Back on NXT Halloween Havoc after a break, Trick and Melo were making their way through Lumis' Mansion and were met with a new haunted house style encounter every two seconds.

Andre Chase brought his students on a field trip and lost them before joining Trick and Melo in their hunt for the title. Lumis showed up and chased Trick and Gargano apparently snatched Melo away.

Trick and Melo found each other and found their title before Lumis and Gargano got in their way and scared them with the help of some random zombies. Gargano said that Lumis' house was a little weird and he wanted to do next year's Halloween at his own place before we moved on.

Solo Sikoa debuts at NXT Halloween Havoc

In the ring, Waller was out and LA Knight came out in the same vampire outfits at Waller and we found out that Waller may have caused Knight some car trouble to take his place as the host of NXT Halloween Havoc.

Knight put two and two together before Solo Sikoa walked out and wiped Waller out.

MSK (c) vs. Imperium - Lumberjack O'Lantern match for the NXT Tag Team Titles at NXT Halloween Havoc

Barthel and Carter were in the ring at NXT Halloween Havoc and the former was sent outside before a big brawl started on the outside with the lumberjacks before Aichner went out to save him. MSK took the opportunity to hit the stereo flips on the crowd outside before we headed for commercials.

Back to the match, Lee was in control and got a near fall on Barthel before Aichner got the tag and picked up both members of MSK and hit a slam. Lee hit a dive to the outside on Aichner before Carter took Barthel off the top rope to the outside.

MSK went for their finisher but Imperium came back with a brainbuster and their own finisher to pick up the win!

Result: Imperium def. MSK to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions

Grade: B+

Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Bron Breakker - NXT Title match at NXT Halloween Havoc

Ciampa was ready to defend his title at NXT Halloween Havoc
Ciampa was ready to defend his title at NXT Halloween Havoc

Breakker started off strong and tackled the champ, sending him outside. Ciampa was hit with some big moves early on and the champ came back with a crossface and some chops in the corner.

Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Bron Breakker - NXT Title match at Halloween Havoc (contd...)

Back after a break on NXT Halloween Havoc, Breakker fought out of a hold before taking an ax handle from the ropes for a near fall. Ciampa was hit with a Frankensteiner and hit the Willows bell for a near fall.

The Champ countered a big move before the two unloaded on each other on the apron and they went outside. Ciampa hit a big DDT on the exposed concrete at ringside.

Ciampa got the Fairytale Ending but Breakker kicked out! Breakker got up after numerous strikes to the head before taking the Fairytale Ending once more. Ciampa picked up the win after the move and retained his NXT Championship at Halloween Havoc.

Result: Tommaso Ciampa def. Bron Breakker to retain the NXT Championship

Grade: A

Episode rating: A

A great Halloween special, that saw Toxic Attraction's predictions came true and they secured all the gold in the NXT Women's Division. Ciampa retained his title while MSK lost to Imperium on NXT Halloween Havoc.

Is the next MJF here?

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Edited by Alan John
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