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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT (5th August 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 06, 2020 02:25 GMT

Will Undisputed Era dethrone Imperium?


02:06 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

And there you have it, my friends! Another really entertaining episode of NXT in the books! Thanks to everyone who followed along. Greg will be by before you know it with the full show recap. In the meantime, this is Kevin and I will see you all next time. G'night!

02:05 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Imperium defeat The Undisputed ERA
Tegan Nox defeats Indi Hartwell
Keith Lee defeats Cameron Grimes
Damien Priest defeats Oney Lorcan and Ridge Holland
Bronson Reed defeats Shane Thorne
Dakota Kai defeats Rhea Ripley

02:02 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

So, let's look at the match results really super quick....

02:01 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

McAfee's back out and things are so tense that even Triple H has to come out.

Pat manages to lay out Cole before leaving as we go to credits.

We're seeing the start of a Undisputed ERA face turn, me thinks.

01:59 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Adam Cole has finally confronted McAfee. McAfee calls him an 'elf" when he thinks Cole isn't listening and Cole just LOSES it. So much so that McAfee has to be escorted to the back.

Meanwhile, Imperium gets the win. 

Result: Imperium defeat Undisputed ERA

01:57 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

O'Reilly is fired up and pulling of the WWE 2K video game comeback.

01:55 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Beth Phoenix has left the announce booth, she's so irritated by McAfee and what he's saying.

01:55 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

01:53 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

McAfee running his mouth is really distracting from what's actually a pretty darn good match. However, I'm having trouble playing attention because I keep waiting for Adam Cole (baybay) to snap and attack Mr. Wears Shorts At WrestleMania.

01:50 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Pat McAfee is saying a lot of stuff on commentary that's probably going to get him beaten up by the end of the show.

01:49 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

01:47 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

So, Imperium - the team of Blad Guy and Not-Bald Guy - our NXT Tag Team Champions come to the ring.

And so do the Undisputed ERA - the ENTIRE Undisputed ERA - make their way to the ring, as well.

01:42 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

01:41 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

01:41 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

We're getting ready for NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium against Undisputed ERA after the break... with Pat McAfee sticking around to chit chat with the commentary team.... and probably get beaten up.

01:40 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Result: Tegan Nox defeats Indi Hartwell...

following The Shiniest Wizard!

01:37 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Pat McAfee is at ringside, telling the commentary team that everything's cool with him and Adam Cole.

Meanwhile, Tegan Nox is taking on Indi Hartwell

01:35 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Damien Priest is being interviewed in the parking lot, talking about the NA title situation. Bronson Reed approaches him and congratulates him. That eventually turns into, as these things tend to do in wrestling, a challenge for a one on one match

01:30 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

01:27 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Looks like they're about to finish off Fandango, but Breeze hits the ring to help save his partner. And gets beaten up for it.

Santos Escobar isn't a very nice person.

01:24 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Legado Del Fantasmo are introduced, and they come in through the side doors, dragging Fandango along with them.

01:23 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Dexter Lumis is out of the TakeOver ladder match due to injury.

01:20 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

01:18 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Lee stands in the middle of the ring, when the lights go out. Karrion Kross pops up on the screen, complains he can't get the match he wants and then claims that "this is all on you (meaning Lee)". 

We pan back and see that Kross has basically destroyed a handful of people backstage. I couldn't quite tell who, but at least one was a wrestler.

01:15 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Lee with the Spirit Bomb on Gimes and that's all she wrote....

Result: Keith Lee defeats Cameron Grimes

01:15 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Lee has a firm grasp on Grimes's wrist and is now just laying in clothesline after clothesline.

01:12 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Grimes rolls up Lee and tries to use the ropes for leverage but that doesn't work because it's Keith Lee, and he only gets a 2.

01:09 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

01:08 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Grimes manages to get the upper hand on Lee outside of the ring, including an asai moonsault that knocks the champion off his feet.

And Grimes is in charge as we head into these commercial messages.

01:06 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

01:05 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Also, Keith Lee is beating up Cameron Grimes.

01:03 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

01:03 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Wait a minute.... it looks like the Pat McAfee/Adam Cole confrontation happened off camera? Booooo.

01:01 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Cameron "Grimey" Grimes (not to be confused with Frank "Grimey" Grimes) makes his way to the ring... followed shortly by your NXT Champion and mine, Keith Lee.

01:00 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

I loved Damien Priest's face turn because it was so simple. During an interview, he was just, like, "Hey, I'm nice now."

00:59 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

00:58 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Also, did you know that Camryn Grimes is the name of an actor on an American soap opera? Well, now you do.

00:57 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

We're heading into ad break as we get ready for NXT Champion Keith Lee against Lynrd Skynrd cosplayer Cameron Grimes, next!

00:56 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

00:55 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Whoa! Damien Priest gets the pin on Oney Lorcan!

Result: Damien Priest defeats Oney Lorcan and Ridge Holland

00:54 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

00:54 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

00:54 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

Ridge hits Oney Lorcan with punches to the head, as if punches to the head are going to hurt Oney Lorcan.

00:52 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

We're back from commercial and Ridge Holland is simply tearing everybody apart.

00:51 (GMT)6 AUG 2020

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