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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT on USA Network (11th December 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 12, 2019 03:23 GMT

Who will be crowned as the No.1 Contender for Adam Cole's NXT Championship?


03:16 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Next week, Finn gets his shot at regaining his NXT Championship when he faces Cole. We'll see how CIampa and Lee are involved.

Thank you all for following along with us! I'll see you all on Monday and keep coming back to Sportskeeda for plenty of pro wrestling news, features, and whatever you call that dumb stuff that *I* write.

03:13 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

03:13 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

That show was a lot of fun. In a lot of ways, it felt like an old school episode of NXT - low key but with good storytelling and amazing matches. Not a lot of flash, but just a lot of fun.

03:12 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Angel Garza defeats Lio Rush for the NXT Cruiserweight title
Raul Mendoza defeats Cameron Grimes
Travis Banks defeats Jaxson Ryker
Dakota Kai defeats Mia Yim
Bianca Belair defeats Kayden Carter
Finn Balor defeats Keith Lee and Tomasso Ciampa

03:10 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Cole comes to the ring to confront Balor, and he's soon backed up by the rest of his Undisputed Era buddies!

And we're out! G'night everybody! (as far as the TV show goes. We still have some stuff to post here)

03:07 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Finn Balor with a top tope dropkick onto Lee and goes for the pin. FINN... er... WINS!

RESULT: Finn Balor defeats Keith Lee and Tomasso Ciampa and is the #1 contender to the NXT Championship

03:05 (GMT)12 DEC 2019


03:03 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

This may be the best non-PPV NXT TV match of the year. This is so good.

02:58 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Every man in this match is performing to the lofty expectations they bring to the ring - this is a great match - but Keith Lee is once again proving why he's going to be one of the biggest (literally and figuratively) stars in the business very soon.

02:55 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Ciampa hits an Air Raid Crash on Balor ON TOP OF LEE, but still only gets a 2.

02:51 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

02:49 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Bell rings and Finn goes right after Lee. Bad idea. Ciampa and Lee make sure Balor ends up on the floor.

02:48 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Tomasso Ciampa, Keith Lee, and Finn Balor are in the ring and we're getting our introductions out of the way.

02:42 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

02:41 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Twenty + minutes left into tonight's show. Who is walking away the #1 contender tonight?

TWEET ME! @HeyImKevinSully

02:38 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

02:38 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

02:37 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

The current NXT champion Adam Cole makes his way to the ring, preparing to watch the match about to take place that will determine who is the #1 contender to his title.

02:36 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Handspring elbow from Carter reversed into a spear followed by her finisher and Belair picks up the win

RESULT: Bianca Belair defeats Kayden Carter

02:34 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Carter goes for a tornado DDT, but Belair reverses it into a slingshot suplex.

Belair tries to follow it up with a moonsault, but Carter gets her knees up.

02:30 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Kayden Carter makes her admittedly pretty cool entrance. and she's taking on Bianca Belair.

I know it sounds like it's going to be a squash, but I've got a feeling this is going to be entertaining.

02:28 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Shayna Baszler vs Rhea Ripley next week is going to be siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

02:27 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

02:23 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

And while I was making that rambling statement, Breezango grabs the win against the Singh Brothers following a top rope leg drop from Fandango.

RESULT: Breezango defeat The Singh Brothers

02:22 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Since this is Sportskeeda, let me pose this question to our Indian readers. No wrong answers here.

Do you prefer to see wrestlers like Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers, that represent Indian culture? Or would you rather see wrestlers from India (or Indian descent) who have more original characters?

Again, nothing wrong with preferring either. Tweet me your thoughts to @HeyImKevinSully or @SKProWrestling

02:18 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Mauro Renallo just made a Killer Kowalski reference...

The man clearly doesn't give an F. I love him for it.

02:17 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

02:17 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Actually, I'd love to see the Bollywood Boys put on a great match tonight. They're really good.

02:16 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Breezango is taking on the Bollywood Boys/Jinder's Lackies/Singh Brothers

02:14 (GMT)12 DEC 2019


Everything is right with the world.

02:10 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

02:10 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Oh man, I want an NXT ugly Christmas sweater.

02:07 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

02:06 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Both wrestlers end up crashing through a table... although Mia looks like she's going to be the first to her feet

02:05 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Mia's not happy about it and attacks Dakota after the bell.

02:05 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Kai grabs that knee brace she brings to the ring and the ref grabs it away. As he's distracted, Kai removes the top turnbuckle pad and Mia's head ends up crashing into it. Kai gets the pin.

RESULT: Dakota Kai defeats Mia Yim

02:04 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Kai goes for a running boot into the corner, but now it's Yim's turn to move. Dakota catches her foot on the top turnbuckle and Mia slams it with a kick.

02:03 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Yim charges into the corner, but Kai moves and gets Mia into a powerbomb. She gets a 2-count pin but keeps up the offense.

02:02 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

02:01 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Back from break, and both Kai and Yim go back and forth when it comes to having the upper hand. Yim goes for a pin and gets a 2, but keeps up the pressure.

01:56 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Dakota Kai has 1980s G.L.O.W. hair tonight.

01:56 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

01:55 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Yim goes for a pin following a dropkick, but only get a 2.

01:55 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

The bell rings and Yim immediately charges after Kai. Plenty of quick back and forth to start this one out.

01:54 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

01:53 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

Time for MAH GURL Mia Yim vs Dakota Kai.

01:53 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

If you're reading this and are on Twitter, send me a message at @HeyImKevinSully and answer the following:

Who is, in your opinion, the biggest star in NXT right now?

01:51 (GMT)12 DEC 2019

It looks like this match was booked to help promote the NXT/NXT UK Worlds Collide event coming soon.
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