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WWE NXT TakeOver Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from TakeOver 31 (4th October 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 05, 2020 03:08 GMT

Who will walk out of TakeOver 31 with all the gold?


01:32 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Well... that's all from me, my friends and neighbors. I'll see you all on Wednesday for the fallout of tonight's show. Stick around for the full results in a little bit and have a fantastic night! I'm outta here.

01:31 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

So... what did we learn today?

NXT's women's division just escalated in a matter of five minutes
Kushida has lost his damn mind
Ridge Holland is a force to be taken seriously now in NXT
The Undisputed ERA are the good guys now.

01:29 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

NXT Champion Finn Balor defeated Kyle O'Reilly
NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai defeated Candice Larae
NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar defeated Isiah Swerve Scott
Kushida defeated Velveteen Dream
NXt North American Champion Damian Priest defeated Johnny Gargano

01:27 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Let's get the match results right quick before anything else.....

01:27 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

And we fade to black.... wow.... what a show

01:26 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

I really thought that was Pat McAfee for a minute

01:26 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Ridge Holland comes through the crowd with a beaten Adam Cole over his shoulder, tossing him over the security railing!

01:25 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Finn, with the belt around his waist, staggers over to Kyle and offers him a hand in respect.

01:24 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

In a card with almost nothing but title matches.... no title changes. Huh.

01:23 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

RESULT: Finn Balor retains his NXt Championship against Kyle O'Reilly

01:22 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Finn Balor with the Coup de Gras and retains his title!

01:21 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Kyle goes for a kick and Finn drops to one knee. Is he hurt?

Maybe, but he still suckered Kyle into a takedown and a jumping stomp.

01:20 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Balor finally gets to the bottom rope but his foot is probably destroyed. RIP Finn's foot.

01:19 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

01:19 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

O'Reilly has got a VICIOUS heel lock on Finn! And right in the middle of the ring!

01:18 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Finn goes up for the Coo Dee Grah and O'Reilly kicks him off the ropes which is what Finn gets for making me spell the name of that move, dang it.

01:16 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Kyle snags Finn into an armbar and the champ has to  literally stomp on Kyle's face to escape.

01:15 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Finn goes for 1916 but Kyle locks in a Guillotine headlock!

01:14 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

O'Reilly blocks a kick to the face and starts to Hulk Up!

Both men are on the mat! What a MATCH

01:12 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

01:12 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

01:11 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

O'Reilly's mouth is cut open.

01:11 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Finn goes for the charging dropkick into the corner but O'Reilly dropkicks Finn right into the knees!

01:09 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

01:09 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Kyle with a desperation Regalplex and nearly gets a 3! But only gets a 2.

01:09 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Except wrestled better, obviously.

01:08 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

This is starting to look like that Roman Reigns/Jay Uso match.

01:07 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

01:07 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

After getting the advantage back, Balor is really turning up the heat on O'Reilly. Kyle is taking a serious beating.

01:06 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Totally unrelated to the current match and I apologize but that was hilarious

01:05 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

01:04 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

O'Reilly comes back with a shot to Finn's midsection and now takes control of the match. 

01:04 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Right before Finn throws Kyle into the corner, he says something into his ear. Now, a cynic would say that he was caught calling the next set of  moves but *I* think Finn was telling him that he really liked his knee pads.

01:01 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Balor has really been taking some moves out of Kyle's playbook with lots of, well, in the words of Wade Barrett, "BJJ moves"

01:00 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

01:00 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

00:59 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Wade just said there was "no sign of nerves" in regards to Kyle but I swear he said "no sign of nerds" and I'll be back to cover this match for Sportskeeda just as soon as I finish laughing.

00:58 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Lots of twisting and bending of limbs and kip ups and kicks and stuff.

00:57 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

00:57 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

00:55 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Balor and O'Reilly starting out with some catch as catch can style moves, as I'm sure Timothy Thatcher is looking on with a tear in his eye.

00:53 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Big boxing match-style ring announcements, complete with a microphone lowered to the ring.

00:51 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Finn Balor comes to the ramp by himself because The Price doesn't need anyone to give him back-slapping hugs!

00:49 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Kyle makes his way to the entrance ramp flanked by the rest of the Undisputed ERA. Hand claps and back-slapping hugs all around and Kyle McKicksalot marches towards his very first NXT Championship match.

00:47 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

Kyle O'Reilly keeps referring to himself in the third person so I hope he loses.

00:46 (GMT)5 OCT 2020

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