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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (29th July 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 30, 2019 03:22 GMT

Will The Beastslayer gain some momentum heading into SummerSlam?


03:03 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

03:02 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

That was an incredible last 30 minutes of action on RAW. After quite a while, I can't wait for next weeks episode. That's it for today, join us tomorrow for SmackDown Live.

03:01 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Back in the ring, Alexander takes out McIntyre before THe OC come in. Reigns takes out The OC before Joe goes for him. Double superkick from The Usos and a Spear from Reigns takes Joe out.

03:00 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Joe and Reigns look to send Reigns through the commentary table but The Usos come out to his aid. The OC are out now too. Cedric Alexander is on top of the LED hoarding and he dives onto everyone.

02:58 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Cedric Alexander is out to aid Reigns and he drives Joe and McIntyre away. Alexander looks like he wants to fly but Joe sends him inside out with a clothesline.

Alexander and McIntyre brawl up the ramp and McIntyre suplexes Alexander into the LED hoarding.

02:57 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns

Reigns takes the fight to Samoa Joe at ringside. He flings the steel steps into Samoa Joe. McIntyre is out now and brawls with Reigns in the crowd. Joe gets back in the fray and he's outnumbered now.

02:49 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

We're backstage. Samoa Joe and The OC attack Roman Reigns and The Usos backstage.

The camera pans to the ambulance taking Seth Rolins to the hospital. Brock Lesnar stops the ambulance from leaving and takes Rollins out. He hits Rollins with an F5 onto the upturned stretcher he was on.

02:41 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

A third F5 from Brock Lesnar! Even Paul Heyman is begging him to stop now. Brock has lost it.

02:39 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

A thunderous steel chair shot from Brock Lesnar to Seth Rollins. Brock sets the chair down and sits to observe what he's done. He slowly gets back to his feet and it's an F5 into the chair. That looked UGLY! 

He hits another F5! Rollins is coughing up blood by the looks of it.

02:38 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Brock Lesnar hits Seth Rollins with an F5 into the steel ring post. That looked nasty! Brock tosses Rollins into the ring and grabs a steel chair.

02:36 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Rollins connects with a Superkick, sending Ziggler to his knees. A second superkick from Seth Rollins. He gets ready for the Curbstomp but Brock Lesnar's music hits. 

Brock hits the ring and is taking Seth Rollins to Suplex City. Lesnar flings Rollins into the barricade.

02:35 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Rollins goes for a springboard knee but Ziggler dodges it and sends Rollins shoulder-first into the ringpost. And again. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag but it only gets a nearfall.

02:34 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Dolph Ziggler was in control of the match before the break but its all Rollins now. Rolling elbow from the former Universal Champion floors Ziggler. Rollins now hits the Falcon Arrow for a 2-count.

02:28 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

Rollins sends Ziggler out to the floor and sends him face-first into the side of the ring and then the barricade. Back inside the ring, Rollins is all over Ziggler. Dolph escapes to the floor again but Rollins drags him back in. Snapmare from Rollins followed by a kick to the small of the back.

02:26 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Seth Rollins is out for his match against Dolph Ziggler. Shawn Michaels' music hits but its Dolph Ziggler.

02:15 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Becky plants Nikki Cross with the Manhandle Slam to win the match.

Becky Lynch def. Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss attacks Becky Lynch from behind. Both Alexa and Nikki assault Becky and Natalya comes out to drive them away. She then locks in the Sharpshooter on the champ. Payback from Natalya.

02:14 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Nikki Cross vs Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch starts strong despite being in her second match in a row. Nikki Cross gets in some offense of her own before Becky hits a jumping boot in the corner.

02:12 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Alexa will be unable to continue so Becky Lynch is declared the winner. Nikki Cross gets in the ring and she challenges Becky Lynch to a match.

02:06 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Alexa Bliss looks frustrated and Becky Lynch catches her with a boot to the midsection. Bliss charges at Lynch and there's nobody there. Spinning kick to the gut from Becky Lynch and she follows it up with a Bexploder.

Looks like Bliss is feigning an ankle injury.

02:03 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

Becky starts strong but a distraction from Nikki Cross helps Alexa Bliss take control. Alexa sticks her boot into Becky in the corner. The Man tries to fight back but Alexa takes her down with a clothesline.

01:56 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

01:49 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

The Viking Raiders vs Jonny James and Colt Carter

Erik almost beheads Jonny James to start us off. Ivar hits Carter with a boot at ringside before tossing him back in the ring. He then hits a double Bronco Buster.

The Raiders then hit the Viking Experience to Jonny James for the win.

The Viking Raiders def. Jonny James and Colt Carter

01:42 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

01:42 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

01:32 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

The Revival hit Jey Uso with the Shatter Machine. Gallows and Anderson come in and clean house before hitting Jimmy Uso with the Magic Killer for the 3-count .We have new RAW Tag-Team Champions.

The OC def. The Revival and The Usos

01:29 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Jey Uso hits Scott Dawson with a superplex to the rest of the Superstars on the floor! This match has been incredible!

01:28 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

The Revival hit Jimmy Uso with a double team from the top rope but it's only a nearfall. We see some incredible action at ringside and everyone except Jey Uso is on the floor.

01:26 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Jey Uso finally gets the tag as Wilder tags himself in at the other end. Jimmy Uso is all over The Revival. He then takes out Gallows with a right hand before going for a crossbody. Wilder catches him in midair but gets hit by a Samoa Drop. 2-count for Jimmy Uso!

01:25 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Anderson tags himself back in and throws Jey Uso into the turnbuckle. He tries to get a quick pin but it's a 2-count. Anderson now works on the left arm of Jey Uso and has him grounded for the time being.

01:23 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Gallows tags himself in and clubs Jey Uso with a series of right hands. He follows of with an elbow drop before locking in a headlock of his own.

01:23 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Back from the commercial, Karl Anderson and Jey Uso are the legal men. Anderson has a headlock and follows it up with a boot in the corner for a 2-count.

01:18 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

The Revival are back on top but not for long. Jey Uso hits a crossbody to Wilder. The OC haven't seen any action in this match yet and Gallows wipes out Jey Uso at ringside out of frustration.

01:17 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Dawson tags in Wilder but The Usos isolate him in their corner and Jey Uso tags in. They trade tags and work on Wilder. 

01:14 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

The Revival vs The Usos vs The OC (for the RAW Tag-Team Championships)

Scott Dawson and Jimmy Uso lock up to start us off. Jimmy Uso gets taken down by a back elbow and Dawson follows up by grabbing him by the hair. Chops from Dawson bring Uso to his knees.

01:04 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

A moment of bliss is next. Alexa shows us footage of Becky Lynch attacking Natalya before RAW. Becky then appears on the Titantron and calls out Alexa Bliss.

00:58 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

00:53 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

We're backstage with Mike and Maria Kanellis. Maria tells Mike to lie down so she can pin him for the title. Wow, Maria keeps unmanning him more by the week.

Maria Kanellis wins the WWE 24/7 Championship.

00:51 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

ricochet and Andrade head to the top rope. They go back and forth but its Ricochet who pushes Andrade off. He then hits the 630 and pins Andrade.

Ricochet def. Andrade

Ricochet will go on to face AJ Styles at SummerSlam.

00:47 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Ricochet goes for another springboard but Almas dodges it. Ricochet charges and gets caught with an armdrag right into the turnbuckle. Andrade follows it with the double knees but its a nearfall.

00:45 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Ricochet vs Andrade

Both men feel each other out and lock up. Andrade goes for a back-elbow but Ricochet ducks and leapfrogs Andrade. Ricochet tries to dive at Andrade over the ropes but Zelina Vega grabs his leg from ringside.

Ricochet is on the apron looking for the springboard and Vega catches his leg again. This time Andrade hits him with a forearm, sending Ricochet crashing to the floor.

00:39 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Rey hits a hurracanrana out of nowhere. He has Andrade in the 619 position but can't hit it. Andrade catches him and hits the Hammerlock DDT and its over. Andrade pins Mysterio.

Andrade def. Rey Mysterio

Andrade tries to pull Mysterios mask off but Ricochet comes in and puts a stop to it.

00:36 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Andrade shows his vicious side as he tosses Mysterio out to the floor. He follows Rey out and catches him from behind. he then hits the 3 Amigos before heading to the top rope and hitting the moonsault. 

00:36 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Rey takes Andrade down with a side headlock. Andrade powers out and sends Mysterio chest-first into the corner. Andrade continues booting Rey as he's down on the floor.

00:34 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Andrade vs Rey Mysterio

These two know each other very well. They lock up and Andrade catches Mysterio with a back elbow.

00:29 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Sami Zayn is the next one out.

Sami Zayn vs Rey Mysterio

Zayn attacks Mysterio and gives him to no respite. As soon as the bell rings, Rey suddenly pins him out of nowhere to advance.

Rey Mysterio def. Sami Zayn

00:28 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Rey Mysterio and Cesaro jostle on the top rope and Mysterio and follows it with a bulldog. He then hits a Frog Splash for the win.

Rey Mysterio def. Cesaro

00:27 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

A huge big boot from Cesaro to follow it but he only gets a 2-count. Rey replies with a hurracanrana, sending Cesaro shoulder-first into the ringpost.

00:24 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

After the commercial break, we're back to see Cesaro in control as he hits a running double stomp in the corner. He then locks in a sleeper.

00:19 (GMT)30 JUL 2019

Mysterio and Cesaro go rolling out to the floor and Rey hits a hurracanrana, sending Cesaro face-first into the hardest part of the ring. Mysterio follows it up with a dive through the ropes but may have tweaked his knee.
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