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WWE RAW Results July 29th, 2019: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Monday Night RAW

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Will we see Rollins at SummerSlam?
Will we see Rollins at SummerSlam?

RAW kicked off with Drake Maverick and his wife Renee Michelle showing up for a mixed match challenge against R-Truth and Carmella. A host of Superstars were outside the ring waiting for the match to be over so that they can challenge for the 24-7 title.

R-Truth & Carmella vs. Drake Maverick & Renee Michelle - Mosh Pit Mixed Match for the 24-7 Championship

Maverick and R-Truth kicked off the match and the challenger went for an early pin but it was only a two-count. Truth sent Maverick outside and onto the crowd of wrestlers forming what the commentators called the 'mosh pit'.

Drake crowd-surfed his way back into the ring and Truth took him out. Carmella came in and so did Renee, who got her self knocked into the corner. Drake came to the rescue and was slapped by Carmella before Truth hit the finisher and got the pinfall. With that. the 10-time 24-7 champ retained his title.

Result: R-Truth & Carmella def. Drake Maverick & Renee Michelle

The crowd of Superstars that were waiting at ringside for the 24/7 rules to be reinstated rushed the ring and there was a giant dogpile of stars on top of Truth who wasn't even done celebrating. In the confusion, the referee made the count and Mike Kanellis ran out of the ring with the 24/7 title. The other Superstars chased after him and Mike ran backstage and into a locker room, locking himself in. The other stars were trying to break in and Maria Kanellis showed up and used her pregnancy as an excuse to drive the others away before she threatened Mike into letting her in.

Match rating: A


Gauntlet Match to decide AJ Styles' SummerSlam opponent

The first of the five Superstars to compete in the gauntlet was Rey Mysterio with Cesaro as his opponent. Rey and Cesaro went outside with the luchador on top of the Swiss' shoulders and Rey hit a hurricanrana onto the apron. Rey missed the following 619 but sent Cesaro into the barricades.

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