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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW after TLC 2019 (16th December 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 17, 2019 04:23 GMT

Will AOP and Rollins run riot on the RAW roster?


04:23 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Anyway, that's all from me tonight, my friends. Thank you once again for joining me. I'll be back in this very ring on Wednesday to cover NXT, so I hope you'll join me for that - that is, if you aren't following our coverage of AEW Dynamite instead. Either way, you're in for a good time.

Have a great night, everybody!

04:20 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Randy Orton defeats AJ Styles
Asuka defeats Deonna Perazzo
Humberto Carrillo... I 
think... wins the US Championship #1 contender match via DQ... maybe
Erick Rowan defeats Alternative Music Guy From The 1990s
The O.C. defeats the Viking Raiders

04:04 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

I'll be right back with your match results and my closing statements in just a 'mo.

04:04 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Raw goes off the air with Everwood.... I mean 7th Heaven... I mean Buffy the Vampire Slay.... OK.... with the OC standing tall.

04:03 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Gallows and Anderson hits the ring to attack Orton, but the Viking Raiders come to his rescue.

It does not end well.

04:03 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Orton pulls out an RKO and gets the win!

RESULT: Randy Orton defeats AJ Styles

04:00 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Orton's going for a superplex, which doesn't require any stress on the knee at all, I'm sure - but Orton slips away.

03:59 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

I like how they still try to shoehorn that whole "Randy hears voices" stuff, even now.

03:59 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:58 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Orton blocks a kick and hits Styles with his inverted backbreak and, as expected, it also hurts his knee.

03:57 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Orton with his trademark powerslam on Styles, but it still causes stress to his injured knee.

03:56 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

A desperate Orton pokes Styles right in the eye, giving him a moment to breathe. It's enough to get AJ to the mat.

03:55 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

We're back and AJ is still BEATING UP JOHN CE... er... RANDY ORTON!

03:52 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:52 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

With Orton holding himself up against the security wall outside the ring, AJ circles the ring like the Enterprise circling Jupiter to use the planet's gravity to increase speed (I've always wanted to use that metaphor) and charges in, clipping Orton's knee hard.

Anyway, let's go to a commercial while I think about what I've done.

03:50 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Orton finally gets to the bottom rope.

03:49 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

After a struggle, AJ manages to get the Calf Crusher on Orton. Randy is selling it like a pro.

03:49 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

As a wrestling fan who started watching in the 1980s, it's always funny to me whenever Orton does the Garvin Stomp on his opponent,

03:47 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:47 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

The bell rings and Styles charges right at Orton. Orton dodges.

Styles reverses and tosses Orton into another corner but Orton NEARLY GETS THE RKO. SO CLOSE.

03:46 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:45 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:45 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

AJ Styles weighs 218 lbs. according to WWE. 

Do whatever you want with that information.

03:44 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Rey is backstage, looking pretty good for a guy who just got beat up.

Anyway, he accepts Seth Rollins's challenge for next week on Raw.

03:42 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Oh, and let's be honest, that hypothetical squirrel would totally destroy me in a match. I would have no chance.

03:41 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

"It's a main event anywhere in the world!"

But especially in Des Moines. Me vs a squirrel would be a main event there.

Ha! I kid my old hometown. I hope Mike Stroeh is reading this.

03:39 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:39 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Did you guys ever play that WWE Immortals mobile fighting game? There was a version of Randy in that game where he was wearing that vest and looking all snake-like and it was really cool and I liked playing that game, it's a shame they stopped supporting it and oh hey it's a commercial.

03:38 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Time for our main event as Randy Orton's music fires up and The Viper makes his way to the ring.

03:37 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Another family gets a seat upgrade but this time, it doesn't involve free chicken.

03:37 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:36 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

And now we move on to Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch being interviewed.

She tells Charly Caruso that over the last few months, she hasn't "been herself."

03:34 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

And Asuka gets the submission win, but not after a great showing by Purrazo.

03:34 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

My apologies, guys. Had a bit of an internet/real life stuff hiccup.

Right now, Asuka (with someone who was supposedly Kairi Sane) is taking on Deonna Purrazo of NXT.

03:27 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:27 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:27 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:14 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:13 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:13 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Seth informs Rey that he's merciful and he's gonna let Rey go. Then he hits Rey with a Stomp.

"You know me better than that, John. I'm gonna kill him anyway!"

03:11 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Seth asks Rey why he was attacking AOP, that they just came down to the ring to give him his pipe back.

03:11 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

AOP is beating up Rey Mysterio.

03:10 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Humberto is being carted off to the back in a stretcher, and Rollins and his buddies are coming to the ring... carrying Rey's steel pipe.

03:08 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:07 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

RESULT: hell if I know.

03:06 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

03:06 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Andrade is leaving through the crowd and... wait... who won the match?

03:05 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

Andrade pulls the safety mats away from the floor and hits his Hammerlock DDT finisher onto Humberto right onto the concrete.

And that brings Rey Mysterio out.

03:04 (GMT)17 DEC 2019

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