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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW before Survivor Series (18th November 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 19, 2019 04:25 GMT

Will Andrade take Rollins' place in the Survivor Series team?


04:25 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Thank you to everybody for coming by tonight! I've been - and still am - Kevin C. Sullivan and I'll talk to you all soon!

04:23 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

What did you think about tonight's show and the matches? Rate them right here

04:12 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

I'm not bugging out just yet, but my time tonight is winding down. I had, as I usually do, a fantastic time watching Raw with all of you, 

04:08 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

04:07 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Anyway, before we get to the full fledged results article, let's really quick look at the match results. I ACTUALLY HAVE THEM READY THIS TIME.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch defeat the IIconics
Humberto Carrillo defeats Karl Anderson
Bobby Lashley defeats No Way Jose
Seth Rollins defeats Andrade (DQ)
Buddy Murphy defeats Akira Tozawa
Erick Rowan defeats.... some guy
Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre fight to a no-decision
Asuka defeats Natalya
Orton and Ricochet defeat the Viking Raiders (DQ)

04:06 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

I wish there were actually stakes involved in these cross-brand Survivor Series matches. Well, I mean, not actual actual stakes. Kayfabe stakes. 

04:05 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Well... that was.... not bad, actually. Usually these brand battles at Survivor Series don't really feel like they have any weight behind them. I mean, this one only feels like it has a little weight behind it - Triple H was all miffed and thought that a commercial for Survivor Series was the other brands calling out NXT. That would be like if there was an ad for a game between the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings and the guys on the Vikings took it as a personal attack. 

So, it's probably that we're seeing the NXT folks getting a real spotlight, and that's cool! It also doesn't feel like they're forcing them on us - there's a reason they're showing up on other bands (it's a dumb reason, but it's a reason).

04:00 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Triple H is backstage and challenges anyone from Raw or SmackDown to show up on NXT on Wednesday

03:58 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Team Raw finally makes their way down (remember, SmackDown beat a bunch of them up)

03:58 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

More NXT guys come in through the crowd.

03:58 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Lio Rush is out there for NXT. Too bad Bobby Lashley's not involved here.

03:57 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

The RAW guys clear the ring and the NXT guys head down to start throwing hands, as well.

03:56 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Ziggler wearing an adorable blue "FOX" shirt.

03:56 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

And SmackDown hits the ring and attacks Orton, causing a DQ...

RESULT Ricochet and Randy Orton defeat Viking Raiders (DQ)

03:55 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Both guys showing off their flippy moves. 

Ricochet tags in Orton, but Ivar knocks him to the floor then suicide dive onto both of them.

03:54 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Both Ricochet and Ivar are tagged in, 

03:54 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Back from break...

Orton has a headlock on Erick, but the Viking manages to escape and nail Orton with a lariat. 

03:53 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:50 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

We cut away from the match to see guys from SmackDown attacking guys from Raw backstage.

03:48 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:48 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Is this a title match?

03:46 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Well... so Ricochet is Randy Orton's partner. 

03:45 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Before we find out who Randy's secret buddy is, the Raw tag champs head to the ring.

03:44 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Back from break.... Thanks, Denny's!

Orton is the first competitor to make his entrance.

03:42 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

The Viking Raiders take on Randy Orton and his mystery partner after these commercial messages.

03:41 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:40 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:40 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Also, in regards to our discussion on Twitter on what constitutes a "Grand Slam Champion" in WWE...

03:39 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:39 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Asuka with a roundhouse kick to Natalya's face and...

RESULT: Asuka defeats Natalya

03:36 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:35 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:35 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Asuka looks like she's going for a respectful handshake but pulls it away. Natalya kicks her in the gut.

Vic reminds us that they're going to be teammates at Survivor Series on Sunday.

03:34 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

One on one match between Natalya and half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Asuka.

03:33 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:32 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

As we come back from break, we get another look at the return of former ECW and Intercontinental champion CM Punk's appearance on WWE Backstage last week. Oh, and he'll be on TOMORROW, too!

03:25 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Rey Mysterio first congratulates Humberto after Carillo will get a US title match next week. He proceeds to say he accepts the new stipulation and says Lesnar made a big mistake by bringing this stipulation. 

03:24 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Paul Heyman just announced that the WWE Championship this Sunday at Survivor Series will be No Hold Barred!

03:23 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:15 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Raw bolts out from the locker room to attack NXT. Then the Undisputed Era hits the ring and beats up Owens.

Then The O.C. comes out to help, too. 

03:13 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

That's not what Irony means, Trips.

03:13 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Is Triple H going to ask Kevin Owens on a date or...?

03:11 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:10 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Looks like he's trying to talk Kevin Owens into joining NXT.

03:10 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

We're back from break and Triple H is in the ring with Kevin Owens. He offers Owens a bottle of water, then tells the crowd about his history in Boston.

03:06 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:06 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Well, folks.... Is he?

03:06 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

03:05 (GMT)19 NOV 2019

Crowd with a "This Is Awesome" chant, as Owens manages to get another stunner in.

And before he can pin Drew, Triple H heads to the stage. RIGHT BEFORE COMMERCIAL.
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