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WWE SmackDown Live Results: Friday Night SmackDown Updates & Highlights (1st October 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 02, 2021 02:39 GMT

Who will get the best Draft picks on Day One?


02:01 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

02:01 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

That was a solid episode of SmackDown. Some good storytelling and exciting moves on Night One of the WWE Draft. Stay tuned for the full results.

02:00 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

02:00 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

02:00 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

02:00 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

After the match, Charlotte Flair attacks both Sasha and Bianca. She poses with the RAW Women's Championship, while Becky stands on the announce table with the SmackDown Women's Title.

01:59 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

As Bianca tries to re-enter the ring, Becky leans on her hair braid causing her to get stuck. Sasha takes advantage to roll her up for the win. A creative finish.

Sasha Banks defeats Bianca Belair

01:58 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Bianca hits an overhead Facebreaker. She has Sasha in the KOD position on the apron but cannot land it. She avoids a Sunset Powerbomb on the outside and backflips into Becky.

01:55 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Sasha hits a couple of double knees before getting in a DDT. She connects with the Frog Splash for a two-count.

01:54 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Bianca hits a vertical suplex, followed by a standing handspring Moonsault. 

01:52 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Bianca backflips from the second rope to the mat but suffers a Meteora from Sasha.

01:50 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:49 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:49 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:47 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Bianca then floors Sasha with a huge clothesline.

01:47 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Bianca tries for her squat bodyslam but Sasha rolls out. Bianca eventually slams her down. The EST goes for the KOD but Sasha lands on her feet.

01:45 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Sasha hits a strong running hurricanrana on Bianca but is thwarted by The EST's athleticism.

01:44 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:44 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:44 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

It's time for our main event. The WrestleMania rematch between Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks. But before it can begin, Becky Lynch saunters out to join commentary.

Bianca Belair vs. Sasha Banks

01:38 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:38 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:37 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:36 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Jeff Hardy is about to be interviewed by Kayla Braxton, but Brock Lesnar shows up. Hardy moves away and Brock declares he is a free agent thanks to his good friend, Paul Heyman.

Roman Reigns hears this and questions Heyman, who is quite rattled. Heyman says he's the wise man before Roman laughs and then screams in his face. The Tribal Chief orders his special counsel to go to RAW on Monday and ensure The Usos are drafted to SmackDown. Roman makes it clear to The Usos that they must stay on the blue brand and if not, they must leave Heyman for dead on RAW.

01:34 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

A strong way to end Night One of the WWE Draft 2021. Austin Theory being picked up is certainly interesting.

01:32 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Deville and Pearce are here for Round 4 of the WWE Draft.

Pick #13: Naomi to SmackDown
Pick #14: Rey and Dominik Mysterio to RAW
Pick #15: Jeff Hardy to SmackDown
Pick #16: Austin Theory to RAW

01:25 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:25 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:25 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:24 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Meanwhile, Roode hits a Spinebuster on Dawkins for a two-count. Kofi Kingston gets tagged in, as he and Woods catch Roode in a double-team for the win.

The New Day and The Street Profits defeat Alpha Academy and Dirty Dawgs

01:23 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Ford eventually fights back and tags in Dawkins, who goes off on Roode. He hits Gable with an Exploder and Roode with a spinning neck breaker. Otis takes out Dawkins but is sent out of the ring. Ford dives onto him.

01:21 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Gable counters a blockbuster into a suplex-bridge combination. Beautiful.

01:18 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:17 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Otis then throws Ford into the barricade.

01:17 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:16 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Dolph and Kofi begin the match with a lock-up. Kofi leapfrogs Dolph multiple times before landing an elbow. He tags in Woods, who tags in Montez Ford. However, Dolph targets Ford's taped mid-section. Gable enters the match and has a fluid exchange with him. He locks in the Ankle Lock but Ford fights out. The babyface star chops the rest of the heels but is dumped onto the apron by Otis.

01:13 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

The New Day and The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy and Dirty Dawgs in an 8-man Tag Team Match

01:11 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:10 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:09 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

The big surprise here is Hit Row, moving from NXT to SmackDown. Lots of potential in that group.

01:08 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Pearce and Deville are here for Round 3 of the WWE Draft.

Pick #9: Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss to SmackDown
Pick #10: Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. to RAW
Pick #11: Hit Row to SmackDown
Pick #12: Keith 'Bearcat' Lee to RAW

01:06 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:06 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

Carmella calls Liv a b***h and tells her she won't be allowed to destroy her face. Mella puts on a mask and proceeds to assault her. Looks like the match is not happening.

01:03 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

01:03 (GMT)2 OCT 2021

An Extreme Rules rematch is next, as Liv Morgan takes on Carmella.
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