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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live (27th August 2019) | King Of The Ring 2019|

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 28, 2019 02:28 GMT

Will Reigns apologise to Bryan & Rowan tonight?


02:28 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Here are the results from tonight!

02:02 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Thanks for joining us! We'll see you this Saturday Night for All Elite Wrestling's ALL OUT PPV! Join us then. Thank you and good night!

02:01 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Roman Reigns shows footage while Bryan & Rowan were backstage. He shows footage where it was clearly shown that Rowan was the attacker. Bryan furiously asks Rowan what he's seeing and he slaps him and calls him a liar. Bryan storms to the ring and claims innocence, having no idea why Rowan did that. He eats a spear before he can say much more.

That was a....weird ending.

01:56 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Roman Reigns is out to confront Erick Rowan and Daniel Bryan

01:51 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Benjamin takes control but Gable fights back. He goes for a moonsault but Benjamin evades it and hits a knee strike. Gable pins Benjamin successfully with a small package!

Chad Gable def. Shelton Benjamin

Chad Gable will face Andrade in the Quarter Finals next week!

01:50 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Gable hits a neckbreaker and takes control of Benjamin. Benjamin outpowers him and uses the ANKLE LOCK!

01:48 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

We kickstart the final King of the Ring first round match. Gable goes for a jackknife cover but fails. Shelton Benjamin whips him into the turnbuckle but doesn't get the pin

01:46 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Chad Gable vs Shelton Benjamin - First Round KOTR match

01:43 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

R-Truth tries to pin him but Drake Maverick pulls his leg from outside. He pins Elias and becomes 24/7 champion, circling the ring and tripping once before exiting!

Drake Maverick def. R-Truth to become the new 24/7 champion

01:40 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Kevin Owens attacks Elias and when they get into the ring, he hits the stunner but doesn't go for the 24/7 title

01:38 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Elias is already in the ring wearing the crown and holding the scepter

01:31 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Chad Gable is interviewed about his KOTR match against Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin comes in and makes more short jokes

01:29 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Now that the match is done, The Revival get ready for a beatdown. They assist another RKO and stand tall

01:28 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Big E starts to gain serious momentum but The Revival arrive on time. He takes them out but Orton uses dirty tactics to let The Revival assist. Orton hits the RKO for the win

Randy Orton def. Big E

01:26 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Big E gets some vindication as he drives Orton onto the top of the table. Orton slows him down in his tracks back inside the ring

01:23 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

01:23 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

01:23 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Big E takes control again and places Orton on the apron. He looks for a massive splash but Orton moves out on time, meaning that Big E landed hard on the hardest part of the ring. Orton takes control by slamming him on the commentary table

01:22 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Big E dominates early on but Randy Orton turns things around by sending him into the barricade.

01:20 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Big E walks in with a vengeance. He goes for Orton right off the bat and sends him outside, even throwing him over the commentary table. Orton pokes a thumb to the eye, but Big E sends Orton into the barricade.

01:18 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Randy Orton vs Big E is next!

01:15 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

01:10 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

01:10 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Bayley manages to scrape through and hit a Bayley-to-Belly to earn a gutsy victory. Charlotte sarcastically applauds in the background

Bayley def. Lacey Evans

01:09 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

The two go outside and Bayley neutralizes her. Both of them nearly get counted out but Bayley gets in at 8 and Evans at 9. They start countering each other and Bayley lands a very weak Bayley-to-Belly, only for Evans to latch onto the ropes next to her.

01:07 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Bayley fights back with one good arm and hits a knee strike to Evans in the coroner. Bayley looks like she's attempting a reverse figure-four leg lock, right in front of The Queen! Luckily for Evans, it's right in front of the ropes so she's able to grab it. Bayley stuns her momentarily and tries to go for the Bayley-to-Belly but Evans drags her down. Evans busts out a new move from her Arsenal, flipping over from the second to third turnbuckle and then a moonsault! It's only a 2 though!

01:04 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

01:04 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Charlotte circles the ring and observes as Evans is in control. The Sassy Southern Belle has Bayley in the corner and tries to isolate her left arm

00:58 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Lacey Evans powerslams Bayley and kicks her head. Bayley takes control quickly again before Charlotte Flair comes out

00:56 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Lacey Evans tries to cause a diversion by throwing something in the air, but Bayley pays no heed and catches her attempt at a kick gets caught and Bayley drags her down.

00:52 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

00:51 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Backstage, Kevin Owens enters Shane McMahon's office, only to find Elias. Elias reveals that Shane McMahon isn't there at all. Owens smiles and leaves

00:49 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Sami Zayn makes Shinsuke Nakamura bring him into the ring and orders him to hit a Kinshasa on The Miz, all while Zayn hypes him up

00:48 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

The Miz threatens to beat some respect into Zayn. He goes outside the ring but Shinsuke Nakamura attacks him from behind and slams him from barricade to barricade. He finishes it with a Kinshasa against the ring apron while Sami Zayn talks trash and laughs on the mic

00:48 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Sami Zayn says that The Miz needs respect beaten into him. He praises Shinsuke Nakamura endlessly, hyping him up.

00:44 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

The Miz sends out a challenge to Shinsuke Nakamura at Clash of Champions for the Intercontinental Championship

00:43 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

The Miz starts talking about Sami Zayn and calls him a "spokesperson" because he can't hack it in a WWE ring

00:37 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

00:37 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

00:37 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Meanwhile, The Miz vs Sami Zayn is next!

00:37 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Ember Moon confronts Bayley, asking her if Charlotte Flair is in her head. Ember Moon accepts her SummerSlam loss and vows to get back at her down the road. Lacey Evans interjects and claims to be the best woman in the division - which leads to Bayley and Ember Moon laughing at her. Evans then vows to prove it to Bayley tonight later when they face

00:34 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

00:34 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

00:34 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

The two competitors knowing each other well, have one another's respect. Murphy raises Ali's hand in an endorsement

00:33 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Buddy Murphy hits the brainbuster and gets a set of offense in but that isn't enough to put Ali away. They receive "This is awesome" chants instantly. Ali counters him and Murphy falls face first. He quickly capitalizes with a 450 splash! ALI WINS!!

What a match!

Ali def. Buddy Murphy

00:30 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

More audible "Buddy" chants coming through. Ali hits a reverse hurricanrana but it's not enough to put him away!

00:29 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

Ali is in control after the break and things have slowed down a bit. He rolls into Murphy but the Aussie superstar throws him out of the ring. Ali gets caught in an over-the-top rope dive!

00:24 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

The two former 205 Live superstars begin quickly as expected. Ali gets the early offense but Murphy nearly finishes him within seconds with a jumping knee - but it's not enough!

00:22 (GMT)28 AUG 2019

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