5 beautiful Minecraft medieval house designs

Medieval style homes have proven to be highly popular in Minecraft (Image via YouTube/BlaqPrune)
Medieval style homes have proven to be highly popular in Minecraft (Image via YouTube/BlaqPrune)
Edward Hays

Ever since the release of Minecraft, there have remained many different architectural styles. One of the most popular of these styles in Minecraft is the medieval style.

Many Minecraft players love to build their houses using the medieval style within their personal survival worlds. However, for a lot of Minecraft players, building a stylistic medieval house can prove somewhat challenging.

To assist players with ideas for creating the perfect medieval house, this article will detail the top five medieval house designs within Minecraft.

5 of the most interesting medival house designs for Minecraft

1) Stylish Medieval House by BlaqPrune

This is a very simple medieval house design that any player can build with the correct materials. Despite being simple, this house is absolutely stunning and will impress anyone who passes by.

The medieval styling in particular looks great, making this house a great touch for any survival world. The house is primarily made out of wood and concrete, making it inexpensive for players to create.

2) Stylish & Compact Medieval House by Cubey

Yet another simplistic medieval house, this design is intended for those who have just started their survival world and perhaps do not have the materials to make a massive house yet.

It could also be perfect for those who desire to spend less time building, but would also like a great looking house. In any case, this house looks absolutely amazing and would not feel out of place within any medieval village.

3) Minecraft Medieval Mansion by BigTonyMC

This next design is for Minecraft veterans who want to go all out on their medieval Minecraft house build.

The house alone uses over 15 stacks of stone bricks and over 12 stacks of oak logs, so isn't cheap to construct by any means. However, the end result is completely worth all these materials. Players will have a truly remarkable mansion that towers over almost anything else.

4) Easy Medieval House by BlueNerd Minecraft

This house offers a nice middle-ground between the massive mansions and the small houses. With it being within the sweet spot for size and build time, it will be perfect for Minecrafters at the intermediate stage of their Minecraft survival world.

5) Easy Medieval House by BlueNerd Minecraft

Another functional but elegant medieval Minecraft house, this build was intended to be constructed and efficiently used within a survival world.

It makes use of sandstone and stone bricks for accents which helps it to stand out from other designs.

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