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5 best automatic farms for Minecraft 1.16

Image via Paulsoaresjr, YouTube
Image via Paulsoaresjr, YouTube
Ellie Whittam
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Minecraft's popularity sees why the community work hard to further the gameplay's efficiency every day.

As the game has progressed over the years and became more complex, Minecraft players have been able to come up with ways to build their blocky empires quickly, whether their style of gaming favors building amazing things at the surface or exploring the caves that lie underneath.

Many types of farms have been made to further the efficiency of each aspect of Minecraft. Here are some of the best automatic farms that the community has come up with that would be great additions to any Minecraft world.

Five most suitable automatic farms for Minecraft 1.16

#5 - Cooked Chicken Farm

When it comes to producing enough food for players in a Minecraft world, it can take up a lot of time, which can be spent doing something a lot more interesting! In most cases, a player would have to breed, age up, kill, and cook the chicken themselves.

This farm allows players to collect stacks of cooked chicken without any of that hassle. This farm is highly recommended for Minecraft players in need of a steady stream of food or a lot of food, who would rather expend their efforts on other aspects of the game.


#4 - Wool Farm

Minecraft wool farms are great for players who love building with different colored wool. As one of the most vibrantly-colored blocks that the game has, wool is a great block to add texture and color to a build. However, it can be quite taxing breeding, dying, and sheering the sheep constantly.

This is where the wool farm comes in! Minecraft wool farms take advantage of the dispenser block and allow players to collect chests full of wool without even doing a single bit of shearing themselves.

#3 - Iron Golem Farm


Iron Golem farms are lovely for Minecraft players who use copious amounts of iron. These farms are great to have, considering they create a steady stream of iron ingots collected in chests for the player to use whenever needed.

Considering how simple they are to make and how effective and handy they are, it's advised that an advanced Minecraft player make use of this farm to have the best and most efficient world that he/she can.

#2 - Enderman Farm

Another great form of a Minecraft automatic farm for late-game production is an Enderman farm. There are so many methods of creating Enderman farms, but the most effective ones make use of the End, as the Enderman is one of the only mobs that spawn there.

These farms also double as both XP and enderpearl farms, the most efficient ones providing the player with up to 30 levels in only a few minutes.

#1 - XP Farm


Created to allow players to gain XP levels while working on other aspects of their game — or even being away from their computer for a while — Minecraft XP farms are an incredible way to gain levels quickly.

An XP Farm is a must for any Minecraft player wishing to gain a lot of XP in a short amount of time. In most cases, it takes so long to grind for levels, and with the best enchantments needing 30+ XP levels, it’s easy to see how much time it would take to get fully enchanted tools and armor.

Many players will enchant multiple pieces and merge them using an anvil (which also takes a lot of levels) to get all of the enchantments they desire onto one over-powered piece of equipment. This is where an automatic farm like an XP farm comes in handy.

(Disclaimer: This list reflects the writer's personal views. As there are many choices, it is an individual's choice to use one or the other according to his/her preference)

Published 22 Dec 2020, 11:18 IST
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