5 best building blocks for Minecraft survival

(via Reddit)
(via Reddit)

Building is necessary in Minecraft. Players have to build themselves some sort of base very early on, and usually will build a few other structures here and there to create the ultimate Minecraft world.

When beginning a new Minecraft world, most players begin with dirt or wood houses, then slowly upgrade to cobblestone snd such. For players looking to continue their Minecraft world for a long amount of time, being able to make their house and other structures durable is a very important aspect.

Below are 5 of the best building blocks for a player's Minecraft survival world.

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Which building blocks to use for Minecraft Survival

5) Wood Planks

(via Minecraft Wiki)
(via Minecraft Wiki)

In Minecraft, wood planks are a very common building material, as there is a very large variety of wood types and colors that can fit in with almost any build. Wood planks are one of the first things players can gather in their survival. The perks of using wood planks is that they are inexpensive and very renewable, due to the ability to plant trees.

The main thing that players will have to remember about wood planks is that they are flammable, so make sure to keep them away from lava or a flame source.

4) Cobblestone

(via Reddit)
(via Reddit)

Cobblestone is another block that players can obtain once they craft wooden tools and begin mining. While it is easy to obtain and looks quite plain, there are actually a lot of advantages to having cobblestone in any build.

Cobblestone is renewable through the creation of cobblestone generators, plus, mining it is just as easy. It has a relatively high blast resistance of 6, and luckily, is not flammable.

It is nice to add other blocks to cobblestone builds, but some players like cobblestone builds just the way they are.

3) Bricks

(via Minecraft)
(via Minecraft)

Bricks are something that a lot of players might be a little afraid to touch, simply because when used alone, they can look slightly intimidating. Despite the somewhat intimidating look, bricks actually prove to be very useful in builds.

Bricks have a high blast resistance of 6, have a detailed and polished look, and can be easily obtained, although it can be considered to be quite expensive.

In order to get bricks, players must put clay balls into a furnace, getting one brick per clay ball. Once 4 bricks are obtained, players should put them in the crafting table, in a square formation, in order to form a block of bricks.

2) Stone

(via Reddit)
(via Reddit)

Stone is tricky - when players normally mine stone, they end up with cobblestone. However, if players insert the cobblestone into a furnace, it results in stone.

This being said, stone is pretty strong and very abundant in Minecraft. If stone is used carefully, it can create a very distinctive look (as seen in the image above).

Stone has a decently high blast resistance of 6, and like cobblestone, it is not flammable. It is also a good building block due to its smooth texture.

1) Obsidian


Out of all the building blocks in Minecraft, obsidian may be one of the hardest materials to obtain. However, obsidian is an extremely strong material. The hassle of mining out all the obsidian is certainly worth the trouble.

Obsidian is invincible to vanilla explosions with a blast resistance of 1,200. Players can easily obtain obsidian by creating it themselves, by mixing water and lava, or through bartering. Obsidian, being as dark as it is, might be an eyesore to most, but for the ultimate form of protection, obsidian is a definite go-to.

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