5 best factions servers for Minecraft in 2020

Minecraft factions servers
Minecraft factions servers
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Not all Minecraft factions servers are created equal, and here's why.

There are several factors in which can make a Minecraft faction server more preferential and suitable to play than others.

Features such as unique & innovative gameplay, good base raiding mechanics and lag free PvP combat, are a few of the most important.

None of the Minecraft factions servers on this compiled list are in any particular order, they are all simply a blast to play, and they are unique in their own ways.

Most suitable factions servers for Minecraft in 2020


Image via Purple Prison
Image via Purple Prison

Purple Prison is an outstanding and unique server with heavy Minecraft factions server elements and inspiration. Instead of factions, Purple Prison utilises the unique feature of "gangs."

Players can form gangs, manage a gang bank account and fight with members of their gang against others; very similar to the classic factions style, with some funky twists to freshen things up.

Purple Prison takes on the theme of a Minecraft server in the process of being invaded by aliens from another dimension. The aesthetic is very unique, and it works fantastically to give players a feeling that simply stands out from other Minecraft servers.

Overall, Purple Prison makes for a wonderful and thoroughly fun experience for any Minecrafter.


Image via Vanity MC
Image via Vanity MC

VanityMC is an absolute behemoth of a Minecraft factions server, boasting up to 2000 players online daily. The server itself is highly PvP intense and competitive, in that only the best of the best Minecraft players are able to thrive on VanityMC.

Something unique to VanityMC is the different factions servers they have under the network. Each server is geared to appeal towards different types of players. For example their "Demonic" factions server is a factions server built from the bottom up for big groups of factions players.

Whereas their 'Runic' factions server was made to appeal more towards solo players. This approach to the Minecraft factions genre makes competition fair for all and truly sets VanityMC apart from others.


Image via Datblock
Image via Datblock

Datblock is a hub server which offers a great factions server experience under its network. Datblock factions is a Minecraft factions server geared towards a more classic factions experience, staying true to the roots of the gamemode.

Datblock factions is a brilliant option for those whom may not have visited the gamemode in a while or perhaps at all, and are simply looking for something more simple or casual gameplay wise.

It must be said, Datblock factions feels like a bit of a trip down memory lane; reminiscent of several large and legendary past generation faction servers.


Image via The Archon
Image via The Archon

The Archon is a Minecraft factions server with a lot of history, being online for over 6 years now. In 2020 however, The Archon is drastically a different factions server compared to it's early days.

Features unique to The Archon Minecraft factions server includes heavy base raiding gameplay, an interesting 'farming' based economy and notable large real life monetary payouts.

With some seasons paying out thousands of real-life dollars to the top factions players, the server itself is of course, made extremely competitive due to the enticement of cash.


Image via MassiveCraft
Image via MassiveCraft

MassiveCraft is a Minecraft factions server actually owned by the developer of the original Minecraft factions plugin. From this information alone, it can be deduced this server must be something special, and it definitely is.

MassiveCraft has so many features it's hard to keep track. However, a few of the notable ones would be faction taxes, factions achievements, custom events, custom items and custom PvP bosses.

Overall, MassiveCraft can be seen as a one stop shop for all classic and modern factions elements on a server.

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