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5 best Minecraft adventure maps for 2 players

Image via planetminecraft
Image via planetminecraft
Ellie Whittam
Modified 23 Dec 2020, 16:25 IST
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Although Minecraft is fun as a single-player game, sometimes, it's better to play as a pair or in a group.

Sometimes, Minecraft gets a bit repetitive when restarting vanilla worlds and building them from the ground up. After a while, without a goal in mind, mining and building can get boring.

This is where adventure maps come in! These are pre-built by some amazing Minecraft creators and builders. There are hundreds upon thousands of such maps on the internet for players to download and try out!

Five best adventure maps for two Minecraft users

#5 - Rainbow Escape

Download here

The Rainbow Escape map by NICO_THE_PRO is an excellent Minecraft adventure map for testing players' problem-solving abilities!


With a main story plotline running underneath a set of entertaining and challenging minigames, this adventure map has something for everybody.

It is actually playable with one person, but it's much more fun to play as a team of two, as three people makes it a bit too easy.

NICO_THE_PRO is a great adventure map builder with many interesting adventure maps out there, and this is by far a favorite!

#4 - Escape the House

Download here

Escape the House by GlxyLuke and Mickae is a wonderful Minecraft adventure map for two or more players! It's incredibly challenging, super fun, and requires a lot of teamwork to escape quickly!

There are so many levels, each being more difficult than the last. It's interactive, requires intense problem-solving skills, and works best for a group of people.

Gamers can race to see how quickly they can finish the map, see if they can collect all of the hidden objects, and try to get a high score!

#3 - Gravity


Download here

Gravity: Remastered by Legobro is a great adventure map that allows players to test so many cool functions. Working together, the player and his/her partner will traverse the futuristic map using different anti-gravity commands to make their way through each level until they reach the end.

With similar vibes to the renowned game Portal, this great map is a Minecraft adventure that gamers will love.

#2 - Pseudo Elephant Trials

Downloadable here

Made by the fantastic creator Pseudo Elephant, this Minecraft adventure map is a beautiful and exciting map for two players that focuses on teamwork. From the moment players enter it, they have to work together to even get into the main area, where all the puzzles are.

With cool tools, hidden Easter eggs to uncover, and some great parkour in between, this adventure map has enough to please everyone.

If players and their friends like puzzles and are willing to put their minds together to tackle some tough challenges, this is the Minecraft map for them!

#1 - Chronicles of the Shop


Download here

Fasading's Minecraft adventure map, 'Chronicles of the Shop,' unlike the others mentioned above, is almost like a mini-game!

It's fast-paced, requires teamwork, and has a great storyline that doesn't interfere with the game's interactive part!

In this Minecraft adventure map, gamers and their friends have to service a conveyor belt of villagers and fulfill all their requests! They have to craft, brew, and cook everything the villagers want to get through the work day.

(Disclaimer: This list reflects the writer's personal views. As there are many choices, it is an individual's choice to use one or the other according to his/her preference)

Published 23 Dec 2020, 16:25 IST
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