5 best Minecraft enchantments for Nether exploration

Survive the Nether (Image via Mojang)
Survive the Nether (Image via Mojang)

The Nether realm is arguably the most dangerous dimension in Minecraft. From mobs to the natural world generation, almost everything in this hellish dimension tries to kill players.

In the Nether realm, players will find some of the most dangerous hostile mobs, like hoglins, wither skeletons, piglin brutes, blazes, and so on. When going into the Nether, many players would prefer to buckle up with their best enchanted gear.

In Minecraft, enchantments are a player's best friend when fighting strong mobs or going into unknown regions. This article informs readers the fivet five best enchantments for exploring the Nether realm.

Enchantments for exploring Minecraft's Nether realm

5) Efficiency

Efficiency pickaxe (Image via Mojang)
Efficiency pickaxe (Image via Mojang)

Most of the Nether realm is covered with a Nether-exclusive block called netherrack. This reddish block can be instantly mined using a pickaxe with Efficiency III or a higher level of enchantment.

Many players go to the Nether dimension to find ancient debris. With a high-level Efficiency pickaxe, players will have an easier time finding ancient debris in Minecraft.

4) Looting


Almost every player needs to visit the Nether dimension in order to go to the End dimension. Players need blaze rods, a Nether-exclusive item, dropped by blazes found in fortresses. With Looting enchantment, players can get more mob drops by killing mobs.

Players can also use a Looting sword to have a better chance at getting wither skulls, one of the rarest mob drops in Minecraft.

3) Mending

Mending (Image via Mojang)
Mending (Image via Mojang)

Mending is a versatile enchantment and will always be helpful everywhere. It recovers the durability points by consuming experience points. The Nether realm has many sources of XP, like quartz ores, nether gold ore, zombified piglins, etc. Players can quickly repair their items by going to the Nether.

2) Soul Speed


While exploring the Nether realm, players may often get slowed down in soul sand valley due to soul sand and soul soil. These blocks reduce players' speed and make them prone to skeletons and ghasts commonly found in soul sand valleys.

Soul Speed is a boot-only enchantment that increases a player's speed while walking on soul sand or soul soil. Sadly, this enchantment cannot be obtained via an enchantment table or village trading. Players can only get Soul Speed by bartering with piglins in Minecraft.

1) Fire Protection

Fire Protection (Image via Mojang)
Fire Protection (Image via Mojang)

When thinking about the Nether realm, vast lava lakes is one of the first things players imagine. Lava is found everywhere in Minecraft's hellish dimension. Players can enchant at least one of their armors with Fire Protection to have a better chance at surviving lava in the Nether.

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