5 best Minecraft farms for 1.16.5

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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Farms in Minecraft are vital and necessary for progression in a survival world. In Minecraft, almost everything can be farmed automatically or semi-automatically.

There are many options for farming in Minecraft. This article will showcase some of the best methods to build a farm in a survival world on version 1.16.5.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 best Minecraft farms for 1.16.5

#5 - An automatic crop farm


Crop farms in Minecraft are important as they provide a food source for players. The farm showcased in the video above also works with carrots and potatoes, in addition to wheat.

In the video above, Youtuber Jumper builds rails with a minecart under the dirt blocks. When the crops are farmed, they are collected and stored in a chest. Villagers and compost bins are also required for this farm to be functional.

The villager's profession is turned into a farmer with a compost bin, and their job is to collect matured wheat.

#4 - An easy and compact gold farm


The gold farm in this video is simple and efficient. YouTuber Madzify shows the exact amount of resources needed to build this farm. He goes into great detail about how the farm works and its output, if built right.

Magma is the main block required for this building. This farm also requires players to go to the top of the nether. In the video, Madzify shows a very clever way of achieving that using ladders and an Ender pearl.

#3 - A piglin trading farm


Piglins and bartering were introduced in the Minecraft Nether update almost a year ago. To trade with Piglins, players must throw a gold ingot at them. In response, the Piglins will drop some random items.

In the video, YouTuber Farzy showcases a farm that uses a dropper to drop gold on the Piglin, forcing him to give one of the many items they have to offer.

As long as the gold is stocked up, the farm will continue to run forever. This farm is easy to build, and it can provide a ton of loot over time.

#2 - A very efficient iron farm


In this video, YouTuber McLinh showcases an iron farm that is easy to build and highly efficient. The farm can produce over 1300 iron per hour, according to McLinh. It uses a small Redstone system and a few zombies, which scare the villagers, making iron golems spawn inside.

Multiple layers can be added to this farm, making it even more efficient than it already is. This farm can be beneficial for every player because iron is required in tons of recipes and builds. Additionally, roses can be turned into red dye on this farm.

#1 - A very efficient Enderman XP farm


Enderman is one of the best mobs to farm for XP points in Minecraft. XP points are very useful in survival as they are required for enchanting and repairing tools, weapons, and armor.

Endermen drop a lot of XP. That combined with the efficiency of this farm, players will never have to worry about trying to scavenge for XP again.

This farm uses leave blocks, carpets, and an endermite that attracts Endermen. According to YouTuber Kelp, this farm can get players to level 35 in one minute, which is more than any player will ever need in Minecraft.

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