5 best Minecraft Java Edition Modpacks for single-player survival in 2021

(Image via CurseForge)
(Image via CurseForge)

In Minecraft, modpacks are downloadable items that players can install to get new items in the game. These are items that players would never have seen in the default vanilla version of the game.

Modpacks grant players with new items and provide them with things that can help them survive in the world a lot easier. Modpacks will change the player's gaming experience and give the player new features to work with.

For example, players can see new texture changes, new weapons, new tools, new mobs, and more introduced into the world when installing mods. Modpacks can even introduce players to new biomes.

Modpacks are free to download for Minecraft players, but they are only available on the Java edition of Minecraft. The Bedrock edition of Minecraft does not support mods.

Players can get mods by going to websites such as CurseForge and Optifine. These are the two most common places for players to get mods. Mods are pretty popular in Minecraft, but it is recommended that players have a good and smoothly running PC before downloading the mods.

Mods can sometimes be a little hard on the player’s computer, and it can sometimes cause it to crash. Players should make sure there is enough space on the PC and that it can support the mod.

In this article, players will discover the 5 best Minecraft mods for single-player survival in 2021.

Top 5 Minecraft single-player survival mods



(Image via RLCraft)
(Image via RLCraft)

This modpack is one of the best packs for solo players to download. This pack includes several different mods in one. This mod makes everything in the game extremely realistic and brings the player’s Minecraft world to life.

With this pack, players will see all of the original Minecraft items from a different perspective. Plants will look more realistic, blocks will be more detailed, and the whole texture of the game will be smoother.

Players will be able to survive in a world where everything looks smoothened out and easier to walk on.


(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

This modpack is not only a great pack for players to install, but they will also have fun while playing in it. In this pack, players will be spawned on just a block in the middle of the air. Players will have to use their resources around them to survive.

Players will just spawn on a single block of dirt, with nothing else around them. They will have to figure out how to survive using the scarce resources that they are granted with and expand their skyblock empire.

MC Eternal

(Image via AndroidGram)
(Image via AndroidGram)

This mod is not only a popular mod for the Java edition of Minecraft, but it also has over 300 other mods included inside of it. In this pack, players will have to survive in a world with magic, quests, portals, and lots of other mythic things.

This pack introduces players to magic and allows them to play around with it in Minecraft. There are quests that players can explore and multiple new mobs for players to defeat. This mod makes the survival aspect of Minecraft even more fun.

Infinity evolved

(Image via PlanetMinecraft)
(Image via PlanetMinecraft)

This modpack includes quests for players to complete as well as the modpack featured above. Players will be allowed to play different game modes and cycle between normal and expert.

The player will complete a series of quests and see lots of cool new things that can be discovered.

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

(Image via CurseForge)
(Image via CurseForge)

This mod is one of the most popular solo play mods for players in 2021. This pack allows players to just adventure, explore, and go out looting. Players will find themselves fighting through Dungeons while discovering new gear and weapons.

Players will find themselves defeating quests and getting through new places that have never been seen before!

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