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5 best Minecraft mod packs for slower computers in January 2021

image via DanFam, youtube
image via DanFam, youtube
Ellie Whittam
Modified 09 Jan 2021
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Modpacks are amazing starting points for Minecraft players looking to enhance their game-play from the usual vanilla setting.

Coming with so many different additions, mods bring so much to the game, allowing players to be more experimental with their game-play. From big things (like new biomes and dimensions) to smaller additions (like chest sorting and filtering systems), mods allow players to maximise their gameplay and focus on what they want to do, whether that be exploring, building, mining or anything else.

Five Minecraft mod packs for slow computers

Modpacks do, however, happen to be quite bulky, as they usually contain a bunch of smaller mods that can sometimes overheat a computer.

Players with better setups shouldn't be the only ones to play with mod packs though. Here are five great mod packs to try out for slower computers.

#5 The Final Frontier 2

image via CurseForge
image via CurseForge

This modpack is epic, as it has so many great mechanical upgrades for players to discover, and the whole aim of the pack is to reach space.

There are so many new ores, blocks, mobs and planets to explore with the addition of this modpack, and it's a great one for players to try out if they're into the technical, redstone side of Minecraft.

It takes a while to get the hang of this modpack, and players need to find engine fuel, build different parts for their spaceshi, and so much more. But it's entirely worth the wait to see the new worlds and biomes this modpack brings.


The loading time between the planets is a tad bit longer, especially with a slower computer, but it's totally worth it because this modpack is super fun to play around with.

Download the Final Frontier 2 Minecraft modpack here.

#4 Forever Stranded

image via CurseForge
image via CurseForge

Whereas a lot of modpacks are just put together to allow Minecraft players to expand upon their own worlds, the Forever Stranded modpack truly pushes that to the limit. This modpack comes with an entire storyline and different cities scattered across the endless Minecraft world the player loads into.

This modpack has so much to explore. It is set on hardcore mode automatically, making players focus on finding food, water and shelter to protect themselves. The map is almost completely a barren desert.

This modpack is really fun to play and is really challenging; it's a great change of pace for veteran Minecraft players looking for something new to do in the game they love and know so well.


It's highly rated and has some great comments, a discord channel and so much more. There's a little community around this single modpack, and it's really easy to get immersed in the moment the player opens the game.

Download the Foreover Stranded Minecraft modpack here.

#3 SevTech: Age of the Sky

image via Imgur
image via Imgur

The SevTech modpack series is a collection of modpacks for different versions of Minecraft that focus on adding different variants of technology to the game: from simple sorting systems all the way to quarries and even space exploration.

This Minecraft pack is slightly heavier but can still be run on a Macbook, meaning that it's not too difficult to run it on an older or slower computer.

This is a great modpack for any player who likes to take their time in their worlds to try and work with redstone, engineer different machines and so much more. This modpack truly gives mechanics in Minecraft a reason, giving players a goal to reach when inventing and upgrading.

It's highly recommended for players who like those kinds of brain-melting and mentally-challenging mechanical techniques.


Download the SevTech Minecraft modpack here.

#2 Life in the Village Modpack

image via CurseForge
image via CurseForge

The Life in the Village modpack brings so much life to the Minecraft game, adding a whole bunch of new villager-oriented quests, generated structures, farming choices and more.

This modpack is for those players who want an enhanced vanilla Minecraft feel, as it allows players to experience the basics of the game while still using mods to enhance their gameplay. Players have more food, mob, farming and technology options to experiment and fiddle with throughout their world, making this modpack one of the best for extended game-play.

This is the modpack for players who love to settle down, build an amazing house and live out their blocky lives in a peaceful world surrounded by aesthetics.

It's definitely a top recommendation when it comes to simplicity and cuteness.

Download the Life in the Village Minecraft modpack here.

#1 Quark Modpack

Initially, Quark started out as a single mod filled with a bunch of small things that the creator decided should be in Minecraft. Since then, the creator has added more to the Quark mod in addition to another mod called Quark Oddities.

The Quark modpack contains both quark and quark oddities, which is a necessity when playing modded Minecraft. This modpack is great for players who like the original feel of traditional vanilla Minecraft but would like to try something new.


This modpack adds just enough for players to be excited to find out new things, be more efficient and enjoy the game a bit more without being too overwhelming. That makes it a must-have modpack for many modded Minecraft players and is a part of so many other modpacks that it is a requirement at this point.

Download the Quark Minecraft modpack here.

Published 09 Jan 2021, 10:21 IST
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