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5 best Minecraft modpacks for beginners

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Modified 03 Apr 2021
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Mods is short-term for modifications. Mods in Minecraft are things that players can download into the game to add custom blocks or enhanced new tools and graphics into the game.

Mod packs also allow players to create cool new tools and add upgrades to different blocks in Minecraft. There are many different mods that players may download in the Minecraft world.

Mods can be downloaded using MinecraftForge. In this article players will be informed on the best mods to download if they have never used mods before.

5 Minecraft mods for beginners


(Image via shadermods)
(Image via shadermods)

Optifine is an organization mod in Minecraft that not only enhances the player's gaming experience by adding beautiful graphics, but it also makes the game run smoother.

The only thing about this mod is that it runs really slowly on certain computers. Players should make sure that they have a compatible computer and that downloading the mod will not harm the PC in any way.


Optifine gives Minecraft an HD look and decreases lag spikes to create smoothness throughout the game. This mod will help beginners get experience in the game, while the game is running much smoother, preventing the player from lagging.

The Lost Cities

(Image via UltraUnit17 on Youtube)
(Image via UltraUnit17 on Youtube)

The lost cities mod is a modification that takes players into an abandoned city. This mod gives players an insight into a city that looks like it went through an apocalypse.

The lost cities mod is a very cool mod for new players to try. Since they are new at the game, they will be able to just enjoy the scenery and not really worry about much of surviving.

New players can take it slow and learn new things around the map in this mod, and figure out new things without having to worry about an enderman coming for them.


SkyFactory 4

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

The sky factory mod is one of the most enjoyable modpacks in Minecraft that players may download. This mod allows players to build a base, but in the sky!

Players will start on a tiny spawn in a tree, then players will need to slowly progress the builds. Players will start off creating a mob farm by getting materials from special trees.

Players will start to generate power when progressing through the map. This map will help new players get experience in building and teaching them how to mob farm.

Extended Workbench

(Image via Minecraft Forum)
(Image via Minecraft Forum)

The extended workbench mod in Minecraft creates a larger crafting table for players to create larger and stronger tools and armor.

The extended workbench is good for new players because they can get the hang of crafting items, but in a fun way.

Players will be able to build weapons and armor, but the items will be in like a “pack of punched” variant.


Oh The biomes you'll go

(Image via Minecraft Patch)
(Image via Minecraft Patch)

This mod takes players into a world with over 80 new biomes. Players will be able to explore the original biomes with a few additional bonus biomes.

New players will be able to learn about Minecraft biomes and learn how to safely travel around the map.

Players can also explore the Minecraft world and learn how to mine different materials such as trees, and discover different animals roaming around.

Published 03 Apr 2021, 00:20 IST
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