5 best Minecraft mods for realism (2021)

There are many good mods out there that make Minecraft more realistic (Image via YouTube, AsianHalfSquat)
There are many good mods out there that make Minecraft more realistic (Image via YouTube, AsianHalfSquat)
Edward Hays

Minecraft mods have long remained the most popular way players can add new content into their game in an instance.

One of the most popular genres of Minecraft mods are those that add realism to the game. With these mods, players can turn Minecraft into a realistic survival simulation. These types of mods are highly popular and commonly seen when playing on some types of Minecraft survival servers.

Those looking for the best Minecraft mods that add realism need not look any further. This guide will explain 5 of the absolute best Minecraft mods for realism that are completely free to download.

Top 5 Minecraft mods that add realism

5) Realistic Item Drops

Download Here

Boasting an eye-watering 10 million downloads throughout its lifetime, this lightweight mod sets out to improve the realism of Minecraft's item drops.

Instead of the vanilla spinning entities that are seen in regular Minecraft when an item is dropped, this mod adds physics and makes dropped items behave as they would in real life.

4) Realistic Torches

Download Here

Another lightweight mod, the premise of the realistic torches mod is very simple: make Minecraft torches behave in a more realistic fashion.

With this mod, players will notice that torches become unlit after a period of time and will also be extinguished in the rain, just like real life. Don't fret, however, as permanently lit torches can still be crafted with the use of glowstone dust.

3) Survive

Download Here

Simply titled "Survive", this mod is a highly popular choice for Minecraft survival servers. The premise of the mod is to turn Minecraft into a realistic survival simulation game by adding a variety of new game mechanics.

There are many awesome mechanics added by this mod, but some of the most notable include a thirst, temperature, sleep, and stamina bar, which must all be maintained.

2) Tree Chopper

Download Here

Up next is Tree Chopper, a relatively simple mod with the goal of making harvesting wood in Minecraft more realistic.

Once installed, players will need to ditch their old methods of harvesting wood in Minecraft and instead take a more realistic approach. In more specific terms, this means players will need to methodically cut down the trunk of a tree in order to chop it down, just like im real life.

1) Immersive Vehicles

Download Here

Last but definitely not least is Immersive Vehicles, a mod that sets out to add a variety of new vehicles to Minecraft.

Included in this mod are multiple different vehicles that can be operated, realistic physics, joystick and mouse support, working gauges, realistic lighting, and much more.

If all that wasn't enough, these realistic vehicles can surely also make the perfect addition to any Minecraft city server as working props to add realism.

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