5 best seeds for building houses in Minecraft

(Image via akirby80 on youtube)
(Image via akirby80 on youtube)
Modified 04 May 2021
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Seeds in Minecraft are codes that players can input to generate any kind of world type they like. Players will need to enter the seed in a box labeled "Seed" when creating a world.

Players can make up seeds of their own, or they can locate other seeds to make a specific world orientation. Players can enter seeds to make the land flatter for building, find diamonds easier, or even for easier access in the Nether.

Players should always be cautious when entering seeds in Minecraft. Seeds are very specific codes and even one number or letter off can alter the world that is generated.

Players can enter seeds that have flat lands so that they can build things on it such as houses or rail systems. When a player enters seeds with flat lands, they will generate in worlds that are pretty leveled, and do not contain a lot of hills or elevated areas.

There may not be huge ravines or caves in these seeds, but players can often find villages here and caves with good loot in them.

In this article, players will discover five good seeds for building things in Minecraft!

5 best Minecraft seeds for building

Flat Ravine

Seed: 8614262653530851772

(Image via reddit)
(Image via reddit)

This seed will generate a world where players can not only find resources inside of a small ravine, but it is also flat in surrounding areas. Players can loot this ravine to get the resources needed to start building their empire!

Players will also notice a village near the spawn. Players can find a lot of useful resources here like wood and decorative blocks that can be used to create a house.

Super Flat

Seed: 1967578135

(Image via Minecraft Forum)
(Image via Minecraft Forum)

This is a great super flat land seed. This is one of the smoothest seeds players will find in Minecraft. This seed is perfect for building and creating big structures.

This seed also spawns players in the middle of the mountain biome on one side and a desert not too far out on the other side.

Sunflower Patch

Seed: -1724695749

(Image via mcpedl)
(Image via mcpedl)

This seed will spawn players inside a plains biome in front of a sunflower patch. This is a very flat seed, and probably one of the best seeds to build items in Minecraft.

This seed is flat for a pretty long way. Players will be able to go several blocks in the distance without any elevation or height. When it starts getting bumpy it is only a little layered, but still fairly flat for a Minecraft world.

Players may also find a village or ruined portal! Some players may also use this seed for building big parkour maps or to create railroad systems throughout the world.

Plains Flatland

Seed: 6714107141548954383

(Image via Minecraft Seeds)
(Image via Minecraft Seeds)

This seed will spawn players in the middle of a plains biome where they can find lots of resources to take with them after looting the village. The seed also has a decent amount of caves and ravines.

Taiga Scenery

Seed: 7692505625803617061

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

This seed is good for building because of its super flat lands, but it is also good for its beautiful scenery. In this seed players will find themselves spawning next to a taiga hills biome.

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Published 04 May 2021
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