5 best Minecraft seeds for Netherite in March 2021

Image via Minecraft Wiki Fandom
Image via Minecraft Wiki Fandom
Modified 25 Mar 2021
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Netherite is one of the hardest materials for players to get in the game. It is a block that is exclusive to the Nether in Minecraft. The Netherite block can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe or higher.

Netherite is also the strongest material in Minecraft. It makes the most powerful armor, pickaxes, and swords. The tricky part about finding Netherite is that players may have a harder time finding it.

Like emeralds in the overworld, Netherite is the rarest material to find inside of the Nether. Players may only find Netherite on the lower levels of the Nether, just like diamonds in Minecraft.

The maximum amount of Netherite a player can find in one chunk is around five blocks. It is usually spawned in groups of 1-3.

To get Netherite gear, players will need to obtain four Netherite scraps (smelted from ancient debris) and made into Netherite ingots. Also, four Netherite scraps will only make one Netherite ingot.

Listed below are the top five seeds for Netherite in Minecraft as of March 2021.

Top 5 Minecraft seeds for Netherite in March 2021

#1 - Broken portals

Seed #: 1936853593

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

This Minecraft seed spawns players right by two broken portals. These portals barely need any fixing, just two pieces of obsidian. And there is a nearby village in this seed where players can find the materials to make flint and steel.

Once the player enters the fixed portal, they should spawn near a piglin bastion in the Nether. Inside, players may possibly find parts of Netherite armor. Players should note that it's not guaranteed to find the armor inside.

Diamond armor is now the most common armor to find inside, but there is a tiny possibility of Netherite armor being available. Players may also mine for Netherite and ancient debris around this area.

#2 - More and more debris

Seed #: 589342802

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

This Minecraft seed will generate a Nether biome that has a lot of broken debris in the bottom.

Although players cannot spawn in the Nether, when they enter this seed and go to the Nether, they will be able to find a lot of ancient debris that can be smelted into Netherite ingots.


The cords for this debris is - 1011 14 103

#3 - Everything mapped out

Seed #: 376166226

Image via xisumavoid
Image via xisumavoid

This Minecraft seed is the easiest seed to access everything. Players will spawn near a village where they can acquire armor and materials to make a weapon.

They can then find materials to build a Nether portal and place it near the village. The location of the Nether portal being near the village should spawn players close to buildings in the Nether and not in the middle of nowhere.

Players may have an easier time here finding ancient debris due to how good the seed is for the Nether.

#4 - Everything a player can wish for

Seed #: 604602972

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

This seed spawns players in a Minecraft world with just about anything they could ask for. It is good for diamonds, Netherite, and other essential resources.

Players may come across a broken portal in this world. When the portal is fixed and entered, players will spawn near a Bastion Remnant. In which, they can find a lot of loot, and maybe even Netherite

Players can also find a decent amount of ancient debris in this seed.


#5 - Plain desert

Seed #: -1654510255

Image via gamepedia
Image via gamepedia

This seed spawns players right between a desert biome and a plain biome on the other side. It is a good location in Minecraft for players to place the Nether portal once the materials are gathered.

When players spawn in this location in the Nether, they will not spawn too far from the fortress in which they can find some goodies there. Players can also find ancient debris in this seed not too far from the fortress.

Published 25 Mar 2021, 12:48 IST
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