5 best Minecraft seeds for new players

(Image via Pinterest)
(Image via Pinterest)

Minecraft seeds are codes that players may enter when creating a new world to generate to their liking. Every seed in Minecraft is different in its own way. Entering even one letter off when entering the seed will generate a whole different world!

When players enter their own seeds in Minecraft it can be helpful because players can generate worlds that have a lot of easy-to-find resources, or that even have easy-to-find loot inside of the Nether biome.

Players can put in seeds to spawn near certain biomes or find interesting places around the Minecraft world such as: pillager outposts, villages, desert temples, broken portals, etc.

In this article, new players of the game will be informed on the best seeds to enter and what is in each seed!

Best Minecraft seeds for new players

Broken Portal

Seed Number: -257277437 (Bedrock)

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

When players enter this seed, they will spawn in the middle of the grassland biome. Although that may seem a little dull, this seed has many cool things to offer that new players may like to explore to get the hang of things.

When players spawn in this seed they will be in-sight of a broken portal. Since the portal is near a patch of open terrain, this gives players a lot of space to build a house near the portal.

Players will also spawn near a village in the other direction. Here players can find armor and other resourceful items like food, ingots, weapons, or wood to craft planks.

All biomes (bedrock)

Seed Number: -433664663

(Image via Maxstuff on Youtube)
(Image via Maxstuff on Youtube)

When entering this seed, players may think this seed looks boring or just like every other seed, but it is far more useful than other seeds in Minecraft.

This seed will spawn players in the middle of all biomes included in this seed. Players will not be very far out from any of the biomes and each one is just a short distance from the next one. New players will be able to learn about all of the different biomes, and have fun exploring while at it.

Shipwreck (Java)

Seed Number: -573947210

(Image via Minecraft wiki)
(Image via Minecraft wiki)

This seed includes buried treasure and secret loot which is what makes it a really interesting seed. Right near the spawn is a village with a lot of loot including two enchanted tunics, an iron sword, and some golden ingots.

When looking in the other direction, players will spot two shipwrecks not too far away from each other which contains a lot of loot.

Diamonds in the Jungle (Pocket/Bedrock)

Seed Number: 87953651674304230

(Image via Minecraft wiki)
(Image via Minecraft wiki)

When spawning into this seed, players will find themselves in a jungle island. A large jungle temple is located inside the jungle biome, and inside, players will find two diamonds to start off with.

Players will also find bones in the temple which can be used to tame wolves and keep the animal as their own pet.

Savana Village

Seed Number: 508164565

(Image via Minecraft wiki)
(Image via Minecraft wiki)

Players will spawn near two Savana villages where they can find great loot. Another great thing about this seed is that the spawn is not too far from a plains biome where players can collect a lot of wood to get them started on their next project.

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