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5 best Minecraft seeds for speedrunning in January 2021

image via IGN, youtube
image via IGN, youtube
Ellie Whittam
Modified 08 Jan 2021, 10:12 IST
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Since the rise in popularity of speedrunning last year, players around the world are on the lookout for the best Minecraft seeds for speedrunning so that they can practice and test their skills before trying to get on the speedrunning leaderboards.

Speedrunning in Minecraft is a really difficult task. That is because it involves aiming to complete the entire game and collect everything a player needs to defeat the ender dragon, enter the end and defeat the dragon as quickly as possible.

It is a much talked-about topic in the Minecraft community, as many players in the limelight speedrun for hours on end to get on the leaderboard, and there have even been disputes about the legitimacy of players' runs.

Five Minecraft 1.16 Speedrun Seeds

There are some tester worlds with great seeds for Minecraft players who want to get into speedrunning this January 2021. Let us have a look at five of them.

#5 997828792439924074

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft

This is a brilliant seed for both speedrunning and general gameplay in Minecraft.

The player spawns at a loaded village right beside a woodland mansion,where there is plenty of loot available. There is a lava pool not too far away to build a nether portal, and the nether fortress isn't that far from the portal either.

This is a great seed to speedrun with, but also a great seed for any kind of headstart, whether that be speedrunning or just regular gameplay.


The Woodland Mansion is a great rare starting place in Minecraft. That is because the mesa biome, which is only a few hundred blocks or so away, provides some great building blocks for any player's world.

#4 1156445526

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft

This Minecraft seed spawns a player right beside an almost completed portal with two pieces of obsidians inside to finish the shell.

There's also plenty of iron in the chest to allow the player to make a flint and steel (there's gravel in the lake nearby), and the nether spawn is really close to a nether fortress.

This Minecraft seed is great for players who like that extra challenge when it comes to speedrunning, which makes it a great practice seed for that very reason.

Although the nether portal is available right at the start, the player still needs to get their iron and materials from nearby before entering the nether.


#3 6592695132100283900

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft

This is a pretty good Minecraft seed for speedrunning, even though from its appearance, it may not seem to be so.

Almost immediately behind the spawn area is a desert temple with some great items to collect for a player before starting their journey, and then there is a lava pool not too far away from the spawn too.

If a player makes a portal using that lava pool, they can spawn immediately in a nether fortress.

There's a blaze spawner down the hallway that is pretty closed off so the player doesn't have much of an opportunity to lose a blaze rod, and it's a really close location.

Overall, this is a great seed for anyone in Minecraft wanting to test themselves when it comes to speedrunning.

#2 9009759197830545823

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft

This is a really unique Minecraft seed that is quite similar to the one in the number one spot, as this one has a village with two stacked blacksmiths.


These blacksmith chests have more than enough obsidians for an entire portal; the player could even misplace some obsidians and have enough spare to finish their portal.

There are four diamonds scattered between the two chests (three in one chest, one in the other), and there is plenty of food around the village to take advantage of.

The local ravines (yes, plural) have more than enough iron for a Minecraft player to have a full set of iron armour and tools too. There are four ravines in the surrounding area, each of them with a water source to jump into to save precious time.

This is a great Minecraft seed to start from, both for speedrunning or just for a great world.

#1 4530634556500121041

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft

This seed is arguably the best ever for speedrunning. Currently, this is the seed that players at the topmost position of the speedrunning leaderboard use to get their winning time, and it's understandable why.

After spawning into this Minecraft world, a player is able to start directly beside a village. This village has an iron golem, a blacksmith with a chest filled with obsidian (enough for a portal) and many more goodies like iron.


The player is immediately able to make a Nether Portal with the contents of that chest, but there's actually more. A ruined portal can be found directly beside the village, and that chest has some armour and a chest to start their journey.

Not far from the nether portal (once finished) is the fortress the player needs for the blaze rods, and then the stronghold isn't too far away either.

This is truly the best Minecraft seed to play on, and it is highly recommended for people practicing and trying speedrunning for the first time.

Published 08 Jan 2021, 10:12 IST
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