5 best Minecraft seeds for villages in 1.16.5 edition 

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Minecraft players can input seeds when creating a world to generate a specific worldtype of their liking. Seeds are unique codes that are also very specific. Players should be careful when entering seeds.

Even one number or letter off can change the whole world generation, so players should make sure the code is typed in correctly, and that it is the correct code for their edition of Minecraft before creating the world.

All seeds are different than the others, and some seeds are even different across the different editions. Java, Bedrock, and Pocket Edition all have different seeds. Players can enter the same code on two different editions, and a different world will form.

Players can input seeds to spawn them in worlds with lots of villages. Villages can be very resourceful to players hence all of the loot that the player can acquire from them. Players can find armor, rare ore, weapons, food, etc from villages.

Villagers will even be roaming around for the player to trade with for rare items. Some villagers do not require a lot of items in return to trade. Players can obtain enchanted books, weapons, emeralds, and much more by trading with villagers.

In this article, players will learn the 5 best village seeds for Minecraft 1.16.5 edition!

5 good Minecraft village seeds


1) Desert Dunes

Seed: 8638613833825887773

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

In this seed, players will spawn near two desert villages. Players will not only find two villages off of spawn, but a little further in the distance there is a pillager outpost.

Players can find a lot of good loot at the pillager outpost, and they can even start a raid if they'd like to. Players can start raids by killing the raid captain and obtaining the bad omen effect.

Players can enter a village with the bad omen effect applied to start a raid. When the player completes a raid, they will be able to trade with villagers at a reduced price in return for saving them.

2) Village in the Forest

Seed: 1777181425785

(Image via Minecraftseedhq)
(Image via Minecraftseedhq)

In this seed, players will spawn right in the middle of a forest. Forest & jungle biomes are pretty rare in Minecraft, and players can find themselves right in between both of these biomes.

Players will notice not too far from spawn, a huge forest village with lots of good loot inside. Players will find armor, ingots, and other resources that can be useful for later.

3) Village on the Coast

Seed: 3227028068011494221

(Image via Minecraftseedhq)
(Image via Minecraftseedhq)

When entering this seed, players will spawn near a village which is right on the coast of the ocean. Not only does this village have beautiful scenery, but it also has a lot of items players can use.

Looting the village, players may find iron, gold, armor, food, and lots of other resourceful items to place into their inventory.

4) Frosty Village

Seed: -7255571058704538969

(Image via MinecraftSeedsEveryday on Youtube)
(Image via MinecraftSeedsEveryday on Youtube)

Upon the entrance of this Minecraft seed, players will spawn in a snowy biome with very little trees. The good thing about this seed is the large village nearby.

Players will find a large snowy village near the spawn. Players can find lots of iron here, and there is also wood located in some of the chests to make weapons and mining tools.

5) Savanna Village

Seed: -1613247987266390429

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

When generating this seed in Minecraft, players will spawn in a savanna biome near a large savanna village. Players will find lots of loot here, and materials to create weapons and armor.

There is also a pillager outpost not too far from the village if the player wants to start a raid for the totems of undying or reduced villager trading costs.

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