5 best Minecraft survival houses to build in 2022

Houses are vital for Minecraft survival mode (Image via Opensea)
Houses are vital for Minecraft survival mode (Image via Opensea)

Survival houses in Minecraft are one of the most important structures built to offer protection against the hostile environment they are placed in, while also providing the necessary resources for inhabitants to thrive. They can vary from simple one-room shacks to sprawling mansions, complete with several storage rooms and extra amenities.

Regardless of whether players are looking for Minecraft survival servers or an epic survival house, this helpful guide will highlight not just one, but five great designs that can easily be replicated by all.

Five amazing and unique Minecraft survival houses to check out in 2022

5) Starter Survival House


Starting off this list is a quaint but functional build from a popular Minecraft YouTuber known as "Heyimrobbie". This build might not be the most flashy out there, but it's definitely appropriate for those just starting out in a new survival world.

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The build has room for smelting, storage, a place to sleep, and even a built-in nether portal. In order to construct this build, players will mostly need cobblestone and wood, which is a cheap resource, available to even the most novice player.

4) Large Wooden Survival House


Up next is a tutorial perfect for those on a higher budget from YouTuber "RainBowGamerPE."The "Large Wooden Survival House," as the name suggests, is perfect for those with an abundance of wood lying around.

Players enjoying survival mode should find that this build has absolutely everything that could be needed, including massive storage space, several guest bedrooms, and even two separate built-in farms to grow wheat or potatoes.

3) Modern Survival House


This tutorial from YouTuber "Heyimrobby" showcases a modern and sleek house, making it perfect for use inside a Minecraft city.

Check out the Minecraftwiki here.

While this build does use a lot of glass, it's still relatively cheap to construct. It also makes a great choice for those enjoying creative servers as well as survival thanks to its stylish and flashy aesthetic.

2) Smallest Survival House


While this build from YouTuber "B4Builders" definitely won't be suited for all use cases out there, it's definitely a notable option and is worth mentioning on this list due to its uniqueness.

This build is incredibly compact, making it useful in special scenarios. It's also rather stylish and still includes room to sleep, storage space, crafting tables, and furnaces.

1) Ultimate Survival House


This build blueprint from YouTuber "Folli" is definitely one of the greatest survival house options out there. While this build isn't cheap or easy to construct by any means, it includes all of the luxuries that could ever be desired for even the most veteran survival mode enjoyers.

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More specifically, this build has two stories, each with several different highly decorated rooms. It also even includes an outdoor farm, which can be used to grow stacks of crops at a time. All in all, this build is absolutely stunning while remaining highly practical for a survival use case.

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