5 best Minecraft village seeds in January 2021

image via gameskinny
image via gameskinny

Village seeds in Minecraft are some of the best starting seeds out there, as they immediately provide players with a selection of resources that can kickstart any great journey.

Both basic survival worlds and speedrunning worlds benefit from having villages near the world spawn point, as players can collect what's available at the village —be it be food, loot from chests or crops from farms — that can ease the struggles that all Minecraft players face at the beginning of a new world.

5 best Minecraft village seeds

Here are five of the best Minecraft village seeds for game version 1.16.4 for players to use as the starting point for their worlds.

#5 572779209

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft

This Minecraft seed spawns players right next to a savannah village, allowing them to collect the few hay bales, crops and chests scattered around the place.

The area is right by a desert and a plains biome, so this seed is great for both survival building and speedrunning purposes.

There is a lava pool not too far into the desert, and there are plenty of local caves for players to explore for resources.

#4 1813745601

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft

This Minecraft seed has a spruce village not too far west of spawn. This town is adorable and has a bunch of younger villagers as well as adults in the community.

There are plenty of chests to loot, and there is an armoury with a full set of iron armour on an armour stand. The best part of this seed, however, is that digging straight down in the well will place the reader in a cave system that eventually leads the player to the stronghold.

It's a pretty extensive cave system, but there are plenty of resources to collect on the way to the stronghold too, so Minecraft players won't find it a missed opportunity.

#3 8337235562809889622

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft

This village is great for Minecraft players who like to load up on supplies and food at the villages they come across.

With so many hay bales scattered around the area, an iron golem and two chests in this village as well, there is so much for players to collect for their journeys.

This is a great starter seed for players who are new to Minecraft as well as for those players who prefer an easy start to their game as a kicking off point to push them towards greatness.

#2 8319794722483450039

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft

This seed is an incredibly lucky find. Not only does the Minecraft player spawn only a hundred or so blocks away from a broken portal (with a chest containing the remaining obsidian needed to complete the frame), there is also a massive lootable village right across the river.

This village has lots of crops and chests to loot from, including a couple of emeralds that can be found in a house's chest, meaning players can trade with villagers.

To make this seed even better, there is an outpost directly to the right of the spawn as players face the village, meaning that once the players are done with looting the village, they can go and loot the outpost too!

There are two iron golems at the outpost to kill once all of the villagers are dealt with, meaning the player can have even more iron on hand. Moreover, all of that off the chest at the top of the outpost is pretty loaded too.

#1 1116837734288061943

image via Minecraft
image via Minecraft

This seed, although seemingly not as important as the previously mentioned ones, is amazing for those Minecraft players wanting to grow and expand a community to make a bustling town center.

With two villages incredibly close to each other with only a river in between, this area has amazing potential for players to expand into a giant city if they wish to.

For players who prefer looting villages and leaving them behind, these villages have some pretty good loot in the chests as well as quite a lot of hay and crops to collect too. Overall, this is an amazing Minecraft seed with a whole bunch of potential for players to make this area really beautiful and upgraded.

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