5 best survival servers for Minecraft Java Edition

Five best survival servers for Minecraft Java Edition
Five best survival servers for Minecraft Java Edition

While Minecraft rose to popularity owing to the exploration and building elements in the gameplay, its survival aspect is still pretty popular amongst some players.

The survival experience, in which you must gather resources, craft weapons and tools, build shelters, and survive the mobs, is an old school way of playing Minecraft that is still loved by fans of the game.

Some several servers and maps are dedicated to the survivalist gameplay. If you’re one of the players who enjoy the overall survival experience, then you should check these servers out.

Five best survival servers for Minecraft Java Edition

Here are some survival servers that Minecraft players should play when they login to the game:

1) Datblock

IP Address: Play.datblock.com


Datblock is one of the most popular survival servers for Minecraft Java Edition. It features several game modes like normal survival, skyblock survival, and even the creative.

The server has created a real-world map of the Earth, including real countries and wars. The server also includes a map of Mars, with colonies that populate the planet. Datearth features a geopolitical Minecraft map, where towns and nations fight for power and glory with diplomacy and war.

2) ManaCube

IP Address: lobby.manacube.net

ManaCube (Image credits: ManaCube)
ManaCube (Image credits: ManaCube)

ManaCube is a long-running Minecraft server that was made in 2013. Since then, they have added several game modes, from which one of the most popular ones is survival. The server also features various themes like Parkour, Pvp, and Prison.

They also have plenty of other game modes for their active user base, and the server also hosts several contests and weekly events. It manages to keep things interesting for the players who participate in the server.

Read more about the server here.

3) Pixelmon Reforged Server

IP Address: hub.mc-complex.com

Pixelmon Server (Image credits: Ru-minecraft.ru)
Pixelmon Server (Image credits: Ru-minecraft.ru)

Pixelmon Reforged is the best server for playing with Pokemon in Minecraft. It requires you to install a Pixelmon mod pack to be able to play with over 850 pokemon in the game.

Apart from the Pokemon inspired gameplay, the server also has several vanilla game modes such as survival, creative, and skyblock for fans who love the simple feel of Minecraft.

4) MineVille

IP Address: server.mineville.org

MineVille (Image credits: Mineville.org)
MineVille (Image credits: Mineville.org)

MineVille is an enjoyable server that has so much content that any player will feel spoilt for choice. While the survival gameplay in MineVille is definitely one of the best, they add multiple twists and turns in other game modes as well, including jobs, marriages, races, ancient trials, and more.

If that doesn’t reel you in, the server also has custom enchantments for players to use. MineVille is perhaps one of the best Minecraft servers that you can take part in.

5) MineSuperior

IP Address: hub.mcs.gg

MineSuperior (Image credits: minesuperior.com)
MineSuperior (Image credits: minesuperior.com)

MineSuperior is a medieval-themed survival server for Minecraft Java Edition. However, the server does not restrict itself to the survival gameplay only and has multiple game modes for its users.

Lastly, the server adds plenty of tweaks to its survival gameplay as well. Their latest addition is the Skyblock Empire, which is made in two themes - Skyblock Greece and Skyblock Rome, where your skyblock adventure takes place in the ancient times.