5 most important Minecraft Bedrock farms

Having fully automatic farms allows players to focus on the fun stuff in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Having fully automatic farms allows players to focus on the fun stuff in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
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Farms in Minecraft make the game so much more enjoyable and fun to play because they make it less of a grind. Having fully automatic farms allows players to focus on the fun stuff in Minecraft, like building and creating crazy contraptions.

This article showcases some of the essential Minecraft Bedrock farms for every survival world.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 5 most important Minecraft Bedrock farms

#5 - An automatic villager crop farm


Automatic villager farms in Minecraft are one of the most important as it provides players a constant and infinite source of food. YouTuber Silentwisperer showcases this farm that can make bread, beetroot, carrots, and even potatoes.

Players will need to find a couple of villagers to get this farm started. Compost bins will also need to be placed near the villagers to change their profession to a farmer. This farm is definitely one of the most efficient for stocking up on crops.

#4 - An Enderman XP farm


Enderman farms are the best way to get tons of XP so that players can enchant and repair tools, weapons, and armor. YouTuber OinkOink showcases an Enderman farm for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that is very efficient and extremely easy to build.

The Enderman drops five orbs of XP, which is one of the highest in all of Minecraft. Players will need to spawn in an endermite using ender pearls and then place it in a minecart. This will attract all of the Endermen in the area, and they will be led into a trap.

Players looking for a simple XP farm that will be efficient and easy to build will find this the perfect choice.

#3 - An iron farm made by 1upMC


Iron farms in Minecraft are very useful and easy to build. Iron is used in many different crafting recipes and having a surplus of it is always great.

In this video, YouTuber 1upMC showcases an iron farm that is simple to build and very compact. 1upMC shows the exact amount of resources needed to make this farm, and he also goes into great detail on how each part of the farm works and how to maximize efficiency.

This farm is a must-have for every survival world.

#2 - An easy and compact gold farm


Gold farms in Minecraft provide a great source of gold and rotten flesh. The farm showcased by YouTuber Madzify uses a giant nether portal to bring zombie pigmen into the overworld to be farmed.

A list of the resources needed to build this farm is in the description of this video above. When creating this farm, one vital thing to remember is that "fire spread" will need to be enabled in-game for this farm to function.

This farm also has an automatic grinder that uses pistons, making it even more convenient for players, as they can AFK near this farm to stock up on tons of resources.

#1 - A raid farm


Raid farms in Minecraft provide tons of valuable loot and XP. Totems of undying, emeralds, enchanted books, and so many more items are collected from the farm shown in this video.

YouTuber JC Playz goes into great detail on how this raid farm works and how it can be built. For this farm to function, players will have to get the "Bad Omen" effect which causes a raid to start.

They can remove this effect by drinking milk or even dying. This farm is a must-have in every Minecraft survival world as it provides tons of resources that players can use for so many other things.

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