5 things players didn't know about Ore in Minecraft 

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)
Modified 05 May 2021
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Ore in Minecraft are blocks that are obtained primarily for crafting purposes in the game. Some of the rarest ores in Minecraft come from caves, ravines, and even villagers at times.

Players can use ore to craft various things in the Minecraft world. There are many different types of ore, some of which include: diamond ore, emerald ore, iron ore, etc.

Players can find some of these ores more often than others. For example, iron, gold, and coal ore can be found far more often than diamond and emerald. Emerald ore is actually the rarest in the Minecraft overworld.

Some ores require that players use a certain pickaxe variant to mine them. For example, players cannot mine diamonds unless they are done by an iron pickaxe or above. Iron also cannot be mined unless players use a stone pickaxe or higher.

In this article, players will be informed of five things they didn't know about ore in Minecraft.

5 things players may not know about Minecraft ore

Achievement (diamonds)

(Image via trueachievements)
(Image via trueachievements)

One thing players may not know about the diamond ore in Minecraft is that if the player gives over a diamond to another player or even a mob, they will get an achievement out of it.

This achievement is called "Diamonds to You." It is really easy to complete this achievement with a friend because all the other player has to do is pick up the diamond ore that is dropped.

Players will have better luck completing this achievement with a friend. This is why the mobs will be difficult towards the player and they will not always pick up the diamonds.

Obsidian (diamonds)

(Image via Minecraft Forum)
(Image via Minecraft Forum)

Some new players to the game may not have experienced getting Obsidian yet. Players must have at least a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian. Obsidian is a pretty hard block to mine, and it can take a decent amount of time.

Players must collect at least three diamonds to create a diamond pickaxe to mine the blocks.

Upset Piglins (Gold)

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

One secret about gold that players may have to learn the hard way is that piglins are quite obsessive over gold. They will attack any player that mines it in their line of sight.

Mining gold makes piglins very angry, and they can even sense when someone is mining gold nearby. Piglins will find the player, and they will all attack if they spot the player mining gold. Players should be careful.

Emeralds in Extreme Hills

(Image via Minecraft Forum)
(Image via Minecraft Forum)

Emeralds are one of the rarest ores in Minecraft. Players can only find it by going to the extreme hills biome, or getting lucky and finding it inside a chest, or by trading with a villager for it.

Even if a player does find blocks of emeralds in the extreme hills, they only come in bunches of one or two. Players will barely find any emeralds, and there will likely only be one chunk of emerald in each cave or ravine.

Durability (Gold)

(Image via Curse Forge)
(Image via Curse Forge)

Believe it or not, gold may look super pretty in the game, but it isn't very durable. Gold breaks very easily in Minecraft, and it does not make for good armor or weapons.

Players can find gold pretty commonly, and it is possible to make equipment out of it, but it will not last very long.

Published 05 May 2021
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