All types of doors in Minecraft

An oak door in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
An oak door in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Building a house in Minecraft is incomplete without one specific thing. It won't look like a house without doors, and it won't be as easily accessible. Players can leave holes to get in and out of the house, but that looks bad and leaves an opening for mobs, potentially hostile, to enter the home.

Doors are a pretty easy item to craft, and there is a lot of variety in what kind of door gamers can make. There are currently nine doors in vanilla Minecraft, with another one on the way.

They all look different, and one of them functions entirely differently from the others, so there's a benefit to knowing how to craft each of them.

Making and using all types of Minecraft doors

The most common type of door is an oak door. Six oak wood planks will craft three oak doors. Oak wood is extremely common, as it is located in the plains biome, the most common biome to find.

Three birch doors can also be made with six planks made of birch wood. Birch forests are a reasonably common Minecraft biome, too, so they're not a difficult door to get a hold of.

Spruce doors can be crafted with the same amount of spruce planks, which are located in spruce forests. The same can be said for jungle doors, except that jungle wood comes from the jungle.

A jungle door (Image via Jira Minecraft)
A jungle door (Image via Jira Minecraft)

Acacia wood is found in the savanna biome and looks somewhat red. These planks are used for acacia doors, among other wooden blocks.

Dark oak is one of the more uncommon types of doors as it is found in the somewhat rare dark oak biome.

The final overworld wooden door is made of Mangrove wood, but that's not been officially released yet. It is available in snapshots and beta previews, but it will be officially available in the 1.19 The Wild update.

One more door can be made in the overworld, an iron door. Six iron ingots can make three iron doors, but they don't function the same way as other doors. They can only be opened with redstone from a button, pressure plate, or other redstone-based items.

In the Nether, two types of wood can be crafted into doors: crimson planks and warped planks. Crimson wood can be found in the crimson forest, and warped planks can be obtained from the warped forest and made into a door after that.

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