Blaze Rods in Minecraft: Everything Players Need to Know

image via Pro Game Guides
image via Pro Game Guides
Ellie Whittam
Modified 05 Feb 2021

Minecraft blaze rods are one of the most important items for players to collect in-game. They are a necessity for entering the End and defeating the Ender Dragon.

Blaze rods are quite difficult to collect. This is especially the case in early game progression. They are obtained by killing Blazes that defend themselves by spitting fireballs at Minecraft players and setting them alight.

Once players have acquired their blaze rods, they may be wondering what they can do with them.

What are Minecraft's blaze rods, and how do players get them?

image via Ask Minecraft
image via Ask Minecraft

Blaze Rods are a Minecraft drop that can be obtained by killing Blazes, one of the many hostile mobs found in the Nether.

Blazes can be found in Nether Fortresses. Nether Fortresses are large, imposing generated structures found throughout the Nether made up of nether brick block and spawn via blaze spawners.

These Minecraft mobs are vicious; they spit fire towards players in their range in an attempt to light them on fire. These fireballs can be blocked by shields, making a shield an essential item to have when going against Blazes.

They are usually killed with a few hits by a sword or axe. These mobs can fly, making it easy for them to get away from players attacking them.

Blazes have a 50% chance to drop a blaze rod once killed, but that number can increase through the use of the Looting enchantment. Each level of the looting enchantment increases the drop number by one, setting the most blaze rods a blaze can drop at four rods.

How can players use blaze rods to get to the End?

image via Beanz Magazine
image via Beanz Magazine

Blaze rods are a required material for Minecraft players who want to access the End, since players need them to make Eyes of Ender.

Eyes of Ender are the items used to locate and open up the End Portal. Players should aim to collect around 12 Eyes of Ender before pursuing the stronghold. Each blaze rod makes two blaze powder. Most players aim to collect around eight blaze rods before trying to make their way towards the End Portal.

To create Eyes of Ender, players have to combine a blaze powder with an enderpearl in their crafting GUI in the survival inventory or through a crafting table.

What can blaze rods be used for in potion-making?

image via Wowkia
image via Wowkia

Minecraft Blaze rods are not only used in the making of potions but are also used to make the brewing stand itself.

A brewing stand is made with a base of three cobblestone or blackstone at the bottom of the crafting table and a blaze rod in the middle spot.

These brewing stands are necessary for making any kind of potion in Minecraft; whether that be a good potion like regeneration, jump boost, or healing, or a bad potion like poison or instant damage.

Blaze powder is used to fuel brewing stands in addition to making a strength potion once added to an awkward potion. If brewed without an awkward potion, the blaze powder will create a mundane potion.

What other blocks can blaze rods make?

image via u/Tiege_Tiger, Reddit
image via u/Tiege_Tiger, Reddit

Blaze rods and blaze powder have a bunch of uses in Minecraft and are used in multiple crafting recipes.

Blaze rods are used in both the crafting recipes for brewing stands and end rods. End rods are made with popped chorus fruit, too. Players will need to be well acquainted with the Outer End Islands before they can create these light sources.

Blaze powder is used to make multiple items, including Eyes of Ender (required for reaching the End in the first place,) fire charges, and even magma cream.

Magma cream can be used in brewing stands to create yet another useful potion. Combined with an awkward potion, magma cream will create a potion of fire resistance.

Published 05 Feb 2021
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