Dream: The Minecraft genius who’s breaking the internet

Skins of Dream (left) and GeorgeNotFound (right) on Minecraft
Skins of Dream (left) and GeorgeNotFound (right) on Minecraft

If you don’t already know him, Dream is one of the best Minecraft players in the world and has won many hearts on his Youtube channel that now has 9.4 million subscribers! His first name is Clay, and he was born in 1999, meaning he's currently 21.

He started regular streaming only in 2019 but managed to go from 1 million subscribers in December 2019 to 9.4 million nine months later. So what’s so great about Dream that he has often been hailed as the best Minecraft player of all time?

In this article, we take a look at Dream, the Minecraft Genius who has taken the internet by storm and has already become one of the best Minecraft players in the world.

Dream: the Minecraft Genius who’s breaking the internet

Dream rose to popularity in 2019 with unique Minecraft videos like “Minecraft, but mobs rise every minute..” and “Minecraft Death Swap” series that featured quirky survival challenges. Before he started streaming full time, he was an admin on BadBoyHalo’s Discord and Minecraft servers; BadBoyHalo is another Youtuber and Dream’s friend.


Once Dream’s videos began attracting a lot of footfall, he began to upload videos regularly and quickly showed off his incredible skills at Minecraft to his online audience. Dream is responsible for making the Minecraft Manhunt series popular among the Minecraft community. In that series, Dream, a Minecraft speedrunner, tries to finish the game by beating the Ender Dragon before his friends, who are parading as hunters, have a chance to assassinate him.

If you haven’t watched them already, we do recommend watching each and every one of the Minecraft Manhunt videos by Dream, who often collaborates with GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap and BadBoyHalo in these videos. Due to his mad genius, Dream ends up thwarting the efforts of his friends in creative ways and has often won despite all odds stacked against him.

Dream has also often been pitted against TechnoBlade, another exceptionally famous Minecraft Youtuber. However, in a $100,000 PvP tournament started by Mr. Beast, Dream lost to Technoblade who cemented his position as the best Minecraft player, at least for that one round.

Dream is good friends with GeorgeNotFound, and he is often heard menacingly screaming “COME HERE, GEORGE!” whenever he’s hunting his friend down.

Dream has yet to do a face reveal on his channel, and obviously, fans are incredibly excited to see what their favourite Youtuber looks like. What we do know is that he is around 6’2” or 6’3” and has blonde hair and green eyes. He is also known to be a cat lover and believes that men cuddling with kittens should be normal.

Dream is also known for holding the world speedrunning record for Minecraft 1.15.2 in a Random Seed until about three weeks ago when another Minecraft player Korbanoes beat Dream with a few seconds to spare. Either way, Dream remains one of the most popular Minecraft players in the world, and we hope that he does a face reveal for his fans very soon. Until then, we can just binge-watch the Minecraft Manhunt series all over again.

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