Feather Falling vs Protection: How different are the two Minecraft enchantments?

(Image via Gamerant)
(Image via Gamerant)

Enchantments in Minecraft are special abilities that players can place on their weapons, tools, and armor in the game to make them stronger and provide the player with an advantage.

Enchantments can be placed on players' equipment using an anvil or enchanting table in the game. Enchanting tables are crafted using four blocks of obsidian, two diamonds, and one book.

Anvils are crafted using four iron ingots and three iron blocks. The only difference between the two is that players will need an enchanted book in order to enchant items using an anvil, but an enchanting table provides players with a menu of three enchantments to choose from.

Feather Falling and Protection are both armor enchantments in Minecraft. Players can find both of these enchantments on an enchanting table, or as enchanted books located around the world.

Players can use these enchantments when they need armor protection in the game. There are four different pieces in an armor set in Minecraft. A chestplate, helmet, leggings, and boots.

Each of these pieces serves its own purpose in the game, and some of them have their own enchantments that are exclusive to only that piece. For example, boots have some of their own enchantments, and helmets have some enchantments that are exclusive to them.

Although the Feather Falling enchantment and the Protection enchantment are both for armor, they have their differences too. In this article, players will learn the difference between Feather-Falling and Protection in Minecraft!

Feather Falling vs Protection in Minecraft


What are they for

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

The main difference between the two Minecraft enchantments is that feather falling is only for boots in Minecraft, whereas protection can be placed on any piece of armor in the game.

Feather falling cannot be placed on any other pieces of armor in the game, and players can find this enchantment on an enchanting table or as an enchanted book. The max level of enchantment for feather falling is level lV.

What do they do?


The Protection enchantment in Minecraft provides players with protection from general damage around the Minecraft world. This will cover all kinds of damage, such as fire, lava, blasts, and more.

Feather falling only reduces the amount of fall damage that a player takes when falling from large places. Protection can provide the player with a little fall protection, but feather falling is specifically for that.

Players can combine the two enchantments for a maximum of 80% protection. With each level of enchantment, the amount of protection increases by 12%. This means players can reach up to 48% of fall protection alone.

The max level of enchantment that players can get protection for is level V. It is rare for players to find an enchanted book with level V protection on it, and it will only be seen on an enchanting table after bookshelves are placed around it.

Bookshelves increase the strength of the enchantments on the table. To get the max level of enchantments on the table (level V), players will need to be experience level 30 and have 15 bookshelves around the table.

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