Fletching tables in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

(Image via JayDeeMC on Youtube)
(Image via JayDeeMC on Youtube)
Modified 16 Apr 2021

Fletching tables are items in Minecraft that generate naturally in villages. These items turn an unemployed villager into a Fletcher within the village. Fletching tables are tan blocks with an image of a bow and arrow on one side and a target as well.

Fletcher villagers offer players bows, arrows, flint, and tipped arrows. Players can get bows and arrows, which can be used to fight off lethal mobs within the Minecraft world.

Fletching tables are commonly found, but players can also make one of their own using materials found around the world in Minecraft. These tables naturally spawn in villages, but players can also make their own if they choose to.

Fletching tables can be very useful because players can trade in sticks for emeralds with these Fletcher villages. Players can also use these as fuel for furnaces. They will smelt one and a half items in a furnace at a time.

In this article, players will be informed on everything that they need to know about fletching tables.

Everything Minecraft players need to know about fletching tables!

How to craft them

(Image via Minecraft Fandom)
(Image via Minecraft Fandom)

Fletching tables are crafted out of four wooden planks and two pieces of flint. Both wood and flint can be pretty commonly found in the Minecraft world and players can get both of these items easily.

Wooden planks are crafted using one wooden log from any tree. One wooden block will create four wooden planks

Flint is a raw material in Minecraft that can be found while mining gravel. Gravel is very commonly found inside of caves in Minecraft, and every time it is broken, there is a 10% chance of flint dropping out of it.

Where to find them

(Image via Peachester on Youtube)
(Image via Peachester on Youtube)

Fletching tables naturally generate within Fletcher houses in Minecraft villages. These houses look a little larger than most other houses within the Minecraft village.

Using fletching tables in villages will turn a unemployed villager into a Fletcher. This will allow players to obtain bows and arrows along with many other resourceful items.

(Image via Minecraft Fandom)
(Image via Minecraft Fandom)
Published 16 Apr 2021
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