Fossils in Minecraft: Everything you need to know

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, players can come across a structure named fossils found in specific locations around the map. Some players may have never heard of these items because of how rare they are.

These blocks are primarily used as a source for bone blocks in Minecraft. These blocks can be used for numerous things in the game. Players can use bone blocks to create bonemeal in Minecraft.

Fossils can also provide the player with coal. Although coal is easy to find around the world in Minecraft, players can also come across coal when mining the fossils for the bone blocks.

Players should note that fossils are only located in specific regions of the game. These structures are only located in Deserts, Desert Lakes, Swamp Hills and Desert Hills. Players can also locate fossils around a large vein of coal blocks.

In this article, players will learn everything that is needed to know about fossils in Minecraft!

Fossils in Minecraft

How to find them

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

The most efficient way for players to look for fossils is by using the branch mining method in the game. This is where players dig down to bedrock, then slowly make their way up and out by making tunnels in each direction, like in the shape of a branch.

All fossils are at least 5 blocks wide, and randomly generated in y coordinates of 40 - 49, but it is a very rare chance that they will generate. There is only a 1/64 chance of a player finding a fossil underground.

TNT mining would also be an efficient way to look for fossils. This can be very dangerous if the player is inexperienced, but even for experienced playe,rs TNT mining can still blow the player up and all of the things around them.

What to be careful of

(Image via bugs.mojang)
(Image via bugs.mojang)

Lava can be commonly seen around fossils in Minecraft. If the player is not careful, and they accidentally fall into the lava, they can kill themselves and lose the materials that they have earned from mining.

Players should turn the lava into obsidian if they can, or try to avoid it at all costs.

How to mine it

(Image via Pinterest)
(Image via Pinterest)

Fossils can be mined using any pickaxe in the game, even a wooden or gold one. The only thing that players cannot mine the item with is their bare hands. If fossils are mined without using a tool, nothing will drop.

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