History of Minecraft: Creepers

Creepers are an absolute menace to everyone in the Minecraft community (Image via Logdotzip)
Creepers are an absolute menace to everyone in the Minecraft community (Image via Logdotzip)

Creepers, which are Minecraft's most iconic mob, have become one of the most recognizable aspects of the Minecraft brand. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that they were actually designed purely by accident.

These mobs have been wreaking havoc on players' bases for just about as long as Minecraft has been in existence. In the game, these mobs are roughly the size of the player character and are distinguishable by their green, white and black- colored bodies. What truly makes Creepers stand out though is their distinct hissing, explosive nature, unlikely inception and unique loot.

What are Creepers in Minecraft?

To put it mildly, Creepers are an absolute menace to everyone in the Minecraft community, from the newest player to the most seasoned veteran.

Creepers spawn in the Minecraft Overworld where the light level has reached 7 or less. When the player comes within 16 blocks of a Creeper's field of vision, the Creeper will make a bee-line towards them in an attempt to act as a suicide-bomb.

If the Creeper makes it to within 3 blocks of the player and the player is not able to move away in time, a destructive explosion will ensue. The explosion works similarly to how lighted TNT works within the game; once the detonation occurs, damage will be caused to the landscape and the player.

Keep in mind that Creepers are the only hostile mob in Minecraft that can climb ladders and vines, despite not even having arms. Furthermore, a Creeper can also project the player with its detonation, which can result in death by falling, if the player is on a cliff.

Regardless of how much equipment or experience a player may have in the game, an unexpected explosion can quickly cause in-game death to the player and collateral damage to the surroundings.


The history of Creepers

The Creeper was actually an accidental creation by Minecraft's Creator Markus "Notch" Persson himself. As the story goes, he apparently mixed up the height and width values when attempting to design the pig in Minecraft. Instead of deleting it, he thought it looked creepy enough to keep in the game as a monster.

Creeper Loot

Killing Creepers is actually one of the only ways to get music discs in-game without the use of console commands. A Creeper will drop a random music disc when it is dealt a killing blow by a Skelton's stray arrow. The most efficient way to make this happen would be by creating a music disc farm.


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