How to breed Llamas in Minecraft?

(image credits: gameskinny)
(image credits: gameskinny)

Minecraft is truly one of the fascinating experiences in all of gaming. The game was able to grow from a small indie-game to a full-sized cultural phenomenon that has dominated the industry for a decade.

Minecraft has been able to go from strength to strength and is one of the most accessible games. It is available across many different platforms, including mobile phones.

One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the different varieties of life forms that can be found in the procedurally generated world of Minecraft. Various animals can spawn in different regions and biomes of the world, and the player can choose to interact with them as they wish.

One of the most useful animals the player will come across in Minecraft is Llamas. They appear in Minecraft in a neutral state, unless provoked.

How to breed Llamas in Minecraft?


In order to breed Llamas in the game, players will have to tame them. They naturally appear in the neutral state, but will attack the player by spitting on them.

The spit can sometimes miss the player and hit another llama, causing them to fight amongst one another.

How to tame a llama:

Llamas can be tamed quite easily, more so than other Animals in Minecraft:

  1. Approach a llama
  2. Press the 'Use' key to ride a llama.
  3. Repeatedly ride the llama until a "heart" appears, meaning the llama is now tamed.

However, there a few factors that come into play to tame a llama. The Temper stat plays the most crucial role in deciding if the player can tame a llama.

Temper is a positive trait, and higher the Temper, the better are chances for the player to tame a Llama in Minecraft. If the Temper stat is low, the player will be bucked off the llama when attempting to ride it.

Llamas, once tamed, can be bred to produce more llamas and help carry the player's load in Minecraft. To breed llamas, simply give the parents 1-3 hay bales in order for them to mate.


The offspring takes on the appearance of one parent randomly. Its strength is chosen as a random integer between 1 and that of the stronger parent. 3% of the time the resulting strength is increased by 1, but it is capped at 5.

A Llama does not accept a saddle, and the player won't be able to control its movement even if tamed. Thus, leads are the best way to make a llama follow you through the game world.

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