How to build a gold farm in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Gold is considered a valuable resource in both real life and Minecraft.

There are multiple ways to get various resources in the game, and farming is one of them. There are different ways to farm gold: using Gnembon's XP gold farm, a portal based gold farm, et cetera.

This particular gold farm for version 1.16+ can generate 75 gold blocks (650 gold ingots) on the hour.


Step 1: Set up on the Nether's roof

To find the top of the Nether, dig and/or build upwards until met with bedrock. Then by using F3 (or another key that opens coordinates), find the a block at the height (Y coordinate) of 127.

Step 2: Check Minecraft inventory

To build a farm, these items must be available:

  • Scaffolding (128)
  • Carpet (9)
  • Turtle Eggs (4)
  • Trapdoors (60)
  • Hoppers (12)
  • Chests (12)
  • Glass (541)
  • Magma Blocks (2880)
  • Blocks Used to Build - preferably a variation of stone (4)

These are all of the materials needed for the gold farm. They might take some time to collect, but the rewards are worth the effort, especially if the player has been collecting these over a long period of time while working towards other goals in Minecraft.

Step 3: Begin construction.

Build a 64 block high tower using scaffolding. At the top, connect a 4 block long, 3 block wide platform. Once this is done, place three double chests. At the sides of the double chests, place hoppers and three more double chests. This should be followed by nine more hoppers in 3x3 rows. It should look like this.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Place the carpet on top of the hoppers in Minecraft. Build glass walls around the carpet, but not connected to the hopper.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Build the glass walls up until they reach 23 blocks tall. Place a building block in the middle. It should look like this.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Then, place 3 temporary blocks on top of the stone block (building block example). Then, place another stone block. Repeat this process until all the stone blocks are used.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Place the trap doors at the sides of the temporary blocks and stone blocks. Remove all of the temporary blocks and then place the Minecraft turtle eggs on the stone blocks.

Step 4: Magma cube platforms

Build 12 blocks out of the glass from all four sides. The platform should be symmetrical and look like this once it has been filled in:

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Repeat this process in Minecraft for all four stone blocks with the turtle eggs placed on top.

Build two blocks high from the top platform using glass from the trap doors. Then follow this pattern, using temporary blocks to assist along the way as source blocks.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Final Step: AFK (away from keyboard) platform

This step will maximize gold production in Minecraft, as it will still generate when players are away from the game.

Build 22 blocks high using scaffolding from the middle of the glass pattern/on top of the trap doors. At the top, build a 3x3 glass platform.

To run an AFK test, leave the game and return after an hour to discover the benefits reaped from this effort. That is how an effective Minecraft gold farm is built.

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