How to collect honey in Minecraft easily

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

In Minecraft, players can collect honey to do a lot of resourceful things. Honey was added in the Minecraft 1.15 update, and it has been around for a decently long time.

Honey can be very useful to players. If players start to get hungry and their food bar is decreasing, honey can be used to replenish the player's food meter, allowing them to survive and continue to run.

Players can also use honey to reduce the amount of fall damage too. By using honey, players will only take 80% of fall damage when they sink into the syrup. This means 20% of damage is removed when falling into honey! It may not sound like a lot, but it can be really helpful!

Running over honey blocks in Minecraft will also reduce speed, but not just for the players. This can be looked at as one of the downsides of the item, or it can be a good thing too.

When players run over honey blocks, the speed at which they are moving will be reduced, but also any mobs that are skimming the sides of the block or following the player will be slowed down. This can give players time to get away from hostile mobs if need be.

Honey will also stick to other blocks in the game. These blocks will even stick to slime blocks! If players hit a honeycomb in the game, they could be given the ability to sting other entities for a limited time

In this article, players will learn how to get honey easily in Minecraft!

What to do to get honey in Minecraft


(Image via PCGamesN)
(Image via PCGamesN)

Bees are the main source of honey in Minecraft. Without beehives, players will not be able to get honey. Players will need to go up to a beehive and interact with the item. Players should be careful when using this method.

Bees will sting the player and inflict poison on them if they feel provoked, so players protect themselves when collecting honey. Placing a campfire under a beehive will prevent this from happening.

When placing a campfire under a beehive, the smoke will flow up to the beehives, and calm the bees. Players will want to walk up to the beehive and collect the honey after doing this.

Players will need a glass bottle to collect honey in Minecraft. With the glass bottle in hand, players should walk over to the beehive (with the campfire still placed), and let the honey flow into the glass bottle.

A glass bottle of honey can give players three piles of sugar in Minecraft! Players can use honey bottles as another source to obtain the cooking ingredient sugar if it feels impossible to find sugar.

Players can also craft honey blocks using the bottles of honey they already have*. Four honey bottles will create a honey block. As mentioned above, this can be used to reduce speeds or it could also be used simply for decoration purposes.

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