How to download Minecraft 1.16.10 APK

(picture credits: Pinterest)
(picture credits: Pinterest)

Minecraft is perhaps one of the unlikeliest of games to have become a cultural phenomenon of the last decade. Minecraft came out during a generation filled with the most technologically advanced games in terms of graphics and gameplay.

An unassuming sandbox game with a peculiar art style rose to become one of the highest-selling games of all-time. Minecraft's core gameplay proved to be a significant hit with gaming audiences worldwide.

Minecraft truly captures the essence of a sandbox game, by giving the players all the necessary tools right from the start to build everything their imagination could conjure up.

Apart from being an endlessly entertaining game to play, Minecraft has also been used as an educational tool in schools all over America and the world. It is also available for Android devices on the Google Play Store, previously known as Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Minecraft 1.16.10 on Google Play Store

Minecraft on Google Play Store
Minecraft on Google Play Store

The latest update for Minecraft, 1.16.10 does not bring any significant changes to the game meta, or new elements. Instead, it fixes some of the persistent bugs in the game, and improves the overall game experience.

The game is available on the Google Play Store and can be updated manually if the Auto-Update feature isn't turned on.

To update the game manually, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search for "Minecraft"
  3. Select "Update" in case the Auto-Update isn't turned on

In case, the app says 'Open' instead of 'Update', it means that the game has already been updated to the 1.16.10 version of Minecraft.

The Android version of the popular sandbox game isn't just a port of the game from Console and PC. Instead, it has been optimized and built from the ground-up to better suit a handheld platform like smartphones.

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