How to download Minecraft Java Edition

Image Credits: pcgamer
Image Credits: pcgamer

There are only a handful of games that attain the level of success of Minecraft, and fewer still that manage to stay relevant and accessible after peaking. Minecraft has not only been able to retain a large portion of its player base, but also attract new players to the game.

The Minecraft player base has been steadily rising over the years, and the game is now available across multiple platforms. On the PC, there are two versions to pick from: Windows 10 (Bedrock) Edition and Java Edition. While both versions are mostly similar, there are subtle differences that make players prefer one over another.

Java Edition is the version of Minecraft in its original form, and has cross-platform play between Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also supports user-created skins and mods, and includes a decade’s worth of updates, with more to come.

How to download Minecraft Java Edition


This version focuses more on seasoned players and those who want a more challenging experience and tinker with the game. The Bedrock Edition, meanwhile, is the more accessible version, and easier for newer players.

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Modes such as the Hardcore Mode and Spectator are only available in the Java Edition of Minecraft. Therefore, players who are more familiar with the game and looking for a much more challenging experience usually prefer this edition.

Another added benefit of playing the Java Edition is that players get early access to in-game developments before a majority of the others. There is also a trial version available for players who are still on the fence about purchasing Minecraft Java Edition.

Players can have a go at Minecraft in the trial version to get a feel for the game so that they can figure out whether the game is worth the price to them.

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