How to find the End Portal in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

In Minecraft, a lot of players consider defeating the Ender Dragon to be beating Minecraft as a whole, but finding the Ender Dragon is a big challenge in itself.

To get to the End, where the Ender Dragon is, players must find the End Portal. End Portals can be found inside of strongholds.

Only three strongholds spawn per map, so the nearest End Portal for most players is many thousands of blocks away. Once the stronghold is found, finding the End Portal itself is another massive challenge, considering strongholds consist of 50 rooms of various sizes.

Finding an End Portal can seem almost impossible, but this article explains how to easily find one.

Finding the End Portal in Minecraft

Eye of Ender

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The Eye of Ender can be crafted using the crafting recipe above, and the materials required are:

  • One ender pearl
  • One blaze powder

The Eye of Ender is an essential tool, not only for finding the End Portal but for activating it as well. They are used similarly to a regular ender pearl; players can throw them into the air by right-clicking with one in their hand.

Instead of the Eye of Ender teleporting the player, it will go into the air pointed in a direction, then fall back down as an item. The direction that it points to is where the nearest End Portal is, so players must follow that direction to be led to the End Portal.

Players should always make sure to craft around 20 Eyes of Ender, as they can break after being thrown into the air or can easily be lost. Plus, they are needed to activate the End Portal.

Activating the Portal

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The End Portal is made up of 12 different frame blocks, each with a 10 percent chance of generating with an Eye of Ender already in it. Just to be safe, players should always prepare for all 12 frame blocks to not be activated.

To activate the End Portal, players must right-click on the frame blocks with an Eye of Ender in hand. The Eye of Ender will then be placed in the frame block.

Whenever all of the Eyes are placed in the blocks, a galaxy-like texture will appear within the frame. To enter the End, all players have to do is jump into the activated frame.

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